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Have any of you been hearing anything from Grupo Vidanta about their new luxury cruise line? I was following news about it for a while about a year ago but finally kind of lost interest. The ship, now named Vidanta Elegant, was undergoing major retrofitting and stuff (stripped it and rebuilt it from the hull up) and it was taking a long time (old age and patience do not necessarily go hand in hand, lol.)

In March this year Vidanta formally announced its entry into cruising and its first voyage is expected sometime this month. So it's done now and has apparently been taking shakedown voyages. It looks like it might be berthing in Nuevo Vallarta, at least temporarily, and its full itinerary doesn't seem to have been set yet. I say that because of this paragraph from the March press release, linked below:

Vidanta Cruises will also offer a game-changing new benefit that will allow guests to experience the luxury of Vidanta both on land and at sea. With just one check-in, travelers will be able to seamlessly split their trip between Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Vidanta Elegant, giving them access to the best of both a cruise and resort vacation.

Here is the press release and here is an introductory video and here is a link to Vidanta Cruises

BUT... Check out this website that is devoted solely to the cruise industry (some of its information seems outdated, so be careful ;) ). It says:
Vidanta Elegant's itinerary program offers cruises leaving from ports in Mexico and Latin America. The ship could be homeported in Puerto Penasco (currently developed as cruise port terminal). Puerto Penasco is approx 100 km (60 ml) from the Mexico-USA (Arizona) border. The port town is located on the small strip of land linking Baja California Peninsula with mainland Mexico.

All of this is just by way of my nerdy wordiness in order to ask what if anything all y'all might have heard about the possibility of it at least stopping in the alleged new port in RP? Especially considering that el jefe Daniel Chavez Moran has all that real estate AND the airport and that he had at some point been rumored to be willing to pay for a piece of the action in order to get it finished.

Anyone have the skinny on this? :)
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