Weather Forecast This Weekend ?


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Was wondering if anyone was at Encanto today, wanted to come down Sunday.

Haven't put in A/C yet. Any Mosquito's ?


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You will be using A/C, in Cholla on Pinto Pt really near the water it is very tropical. At 4 PM today it is 87 degrees with 75% humidity. We were
working in my garage with some wind flow and a big turbo fan and the local guy I use who never seems to sweat was as wet as me.
If you are just relaxing in the shade or water it is good but a bit toasty, working it is MALO as they say.
I am ok with that now I have permanant a/c installed, it removes the humidity so much better than window units.
No pests in Cholla even the flies are scarce.


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I was in Phoenix this weekend and saw 3 or 4 electronic billboards advertising Rcoky Point from $69 a night. Anyone know who is doing this? I am glad to see it.