Well, he tried.

GV Jack

Snorin God
I have a friend here in GV who for many years, every other week, has taken a full pick up load of clothes, pots/pans, etc to Mexico to some of the poorest parts
and gives them to churches to hand out. He has had a lertter from some big religous muckety muck and they have for years just waved him through.
He's the one that when he sees a group of kids, he'll start throwing old tennis balls to them. It's like a fish feeding frenzy.

Today he headed out through Nogales and was stopped at the KM 21 milepost and was told that if he wanted to take the stuff down, he would have to
pay $100.00 tarriff. He speaks fluent Spanish and in their native tongue told them where they could put the tarriff. I told him about some of our experiences with
that and what a shame it is. I understand they think we're going to go down and put stores out of business, but this is rediculous. Sometimes I wonder why we even try.

By the way, is it the 21KM milepost or kilometer post?

GV Jack

Snorin God
Maybe that's a good question for the Consulate guy. Anyone want to ask him about that...hint, hint, hint.


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I can see both sides of this one too Jack.It's like in Kenya and Zimbabwe where the NGO's bring in all this grain and give it away (well the connected leaders in the countries elite sell most of it at below production prices) and the farmer has to compete with free...screw that...