Went down 5/28-6/3/17.


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Went down on 5/28 and left on 6/3, family of 4.

Crossed in 5/28 around 1:30, was a breeze, zero wait and got the green, 27 years in a row with multiple yearly visits. No problems to speak of other than I heard of a fatality at Lukeville, a young child, so sad.

Hit Vasquez for bathroom break and tacos and then dropped of 50lbs of dog food to Barb entering RP.

Not too many people, everyone acted responsibly on the road. We hit La Curva 3 times for breakfast, Capone's 2 times for dinner, Max's for a late lunch, Brian's for a late lunch, Satisifed Frog early dinner, Combo Taco 2 times for lunch, JJ's lunch, Reggie's for donuts and burritos twice, Latitude for a late lunch, tamale gal on Manuel Hidalgo, AKA Calle 13, and Panaderia Cornejo a couple streets north of her. Not a bad experience from any of them. I was kinda shocked by how much fish/seafood you get from Combo Taco, couldn't even hardly add any toppings and be able to eat it like a taco.

Going out, hit the border around 11:30 am on 6/3, maybe 20 cars in line, 2 lanes open, 10 min wait or so.

Had a great trip. Water and weather was awesome. Beer was good too....lol

Wife and I are going back down 6/16 for a little romantic weekend interlude, no kids. Gonna knock that kitty-cat out if ya know what I mean. Lol
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