Where to mingle and meet others during lockdown?

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No one on this blog has to identify themselves as an American, it's plain fucking obvious. The statement that you just made identifies yourself as an asshole troll foreigner, most likely a paid communist chink just stirring up the bees in order to get some insight on our way of thinking. As a matter of fact your moniker and the way you write makes one think of a chink version of Freddy Mercury. Your first troll put you right in the class of a Fag Male, Queer Female or some strange IT.

Looking for a singles bar in a town that's locked down tight as a drum? What a dumb assed maroon.

And by the way it's what you don't say that offends everyone! Want some "hostility"? just wait for Mexico Joe to read this since he most certainly will have his two cents worth.

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Really it's none of your business but I figured I've give you something to bitch about .
That is correct. I didn't need your exact itinerary. I was more or less asking if you've ever been to Rocky Point. You've never posted about anything in regard to Rocky Point itself. You've only ever posted or responded to something involving Donald Trump. Was just wondering why you're on a Rocky Point forum if you have nothing to provide other than your appreciation for owning libs.

So Steve, now that we know you frequent Rocky Point, share something. One thing about Rocky Point. Let's get this relationship back on track. I guarantee we have a lot more in common than we think.


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I recently bought some 20 books on the history of Mexico. Used books on ABE from $1 with paid freight. !! There is a lot to learn is the first thing I learned. Many of the books I bought were originally written in Spanish by a Mexican author and included a Mexican perspective. Has really broadened my perspective of the relationship between the two countries. Some of the stuff is relate to discussion here and I would be glad to share, as you all know I like to write.
BUT I am not interested in becoming the object of someone else's problems and the target of inane repetitive posts, name calling, etc, . The repetitive postings do not directly attack. but they do make one feel foolish that they might have something worthwhile to say to the entire group. The poster seems to think it clever to post in this manner. I feel like posting information , not opinion, about an ongoing topic is supporting the forum and am not interested in supporting other people's crap.

Also I reserve the right to call down, as I see it, egregious crap and misinformation about Mexico and Mexicans. This of course would be mostly opinion. If the forum is used to support elitism, one or two words 'sniping' postings, or hysterical tyrades banning as suggested might be useful. The relationship between Penasco residents and US residents is bruised more than you think. We are not better than Mexicans or deserve more consideration than they especially in their own country,

Here is an example of some historical information consistent with the original premise of the question rephrased, in general. "How do you meet people in Mexico?" Would enjoy similar information on other topics from others.

You could try to create a modified weekend night on the Plaza. The Plaza was almost always the center of activities in the Pueblos around Mexico. Still is.
There was a cotillion of sorts every saturday night. It was for the teen years and a way to control who met who. Before there were pickup trucks and the permissive consumption of beer, the youngsters would gather on the Plaza and stroll around the perimeter, dressed in their finery, in groups. Usually 3 or 4 boys together and the same number of girls, with the exception the girl's groups were each carefully supervised, usually by several elder family members following close behind. Boys would walk in one direction, girls in the other, a circle within a circle. .There was no touching , whooping, shouting, drinking, grabbing, wrestling around. The pace was slow and steady, rather formal. The girls surreptitiously eyeing the boys and the boys the same. Eye contact was a big thing to start. All the while opinions were formed by the youth and by the observing families of the girls. Eventually the boys might choose one and then approach the attending family for permission to speak with their charge and perhaps stroll a bit. It was the stepping stone to marriage.

The Malecon is usually packed on a nice Saturday night. If you have not been you are missing an important social event in Penasco. bands, food, visiting, dancing. One wonders if a recreation sponsored by the city or some other group, would be possible and add to the culture of Penasco. Age or marital status should not be an issue. add a Young folks string musical group and costumes and there you go.