Which Sandy Beach Developments would you buy in?


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Hi everyone, new here.

Recently moved back to Arizona, and missing the water. Looking to buy a Sandy Beach condo sometime in 2021. I haven't traveled a lot in Puerto Penaco recently, as I was living in the Midwest so my travels South of the Border were limited to the big airport destinations. I was searching for an old thread in here but had no luck finding it. I remember people giving the low down on each HOA and which Condos they would or would not buy on Sandy Beach. I've seen that Las Palmas and Princesa seem to be the most affordable on Sandy Beach, so curious about those developments as I haven't stayed in the Princesa in over a decade.

Would like to rent my unit at some point, but not looking to buy into a place that has been totally transformed into a hotel. Not totally set on renting, if the place limits it for property value or whatnot I understand. Would like to be able to give my keys to friends/family to use without me around. Something like Puerta Privada or Bella Sirena seem out of my price range.

Thanks for your time and any information in advance, and hope you're staying safe during COVID.


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Agree with Kahunito, I like the Princesa, It's a smaller resort, less people, unit's cost less and the HOA fee isn't too bad.
But, it's the oldest resort, the interiors of the 2 unit's I have seen were from the 1990's for sure, there might be some
newer unit's that were added later.