Woof Woof We are growing and improving !!

Hi all. We are out here about 8 miles on the Sonoita highway, you will see some directional signs. We have had some significant new donations recently that have enabled us to make a facility plan and to fence in the basic facility with over 400 feet of 8 ft chain link fence. We will cross fence and create several yards for the rescues and an isolation area for new dogs before they join the general population. The Parvo epidemic hit us pretty hard and alot of sick dogs got dropped off. Because of another kind donor we are vaccinating regularly.

We don't believe in dogs living incrates or runs, our rescues will live in compatible groups in a large yard where they can run and play. They are basically pack animals and love to hang and play with their buds. We are burying the fence 24 inches and putting the chain link in concrete all along the bottom. Dog's love to dig !!

Next project will be to get and install a larger water tank and a pump as our water supply is sometimes irregular. We will need PVC to run lines to each yard area and have to get some shelters up soon before the heat sets in.

Here is a before and after pic of Tina so you can see what decent food, veterinary care and lots of love can do.
100_3063.jpg100_3236.jpg YES those are real photos !!

We always need donations, dogs eat EVERY day (poop too). They will be grateful for anything you can do for them. You are welcome to come and visit and you can reach us at [email protected], see us on Facebook at Barb's Dog Rescue or call Barb at 044 638 381 1659. Donations can be dropped off at the rescue or at Twin Dolphins Realty on Fremont in Penasco. Help Us Help Them !


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You could add an electric cattle fence wire at the base of the chain link fence. The dogs will not dig under and it could save you a lot of time and money.

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