Yak or Infatable Pontoon

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Have just purchased a new pontoon from Dave Scadden Inflatables in Utah. This Pontoon, https://www.davescaddenpaddlesports.com/product-page/outlaw-rampage-r is light and will handle up to a 5 hp outboard This will be my second Scadden boat and I will be using a new 4 stroke 3.5 hp Tohatsu on it. At 3.5 Psi it hand fills in about 4 mim. It has a lifetime guarantee and he does stand behind it. I know from experience. I used my old on here in RP all Winter and loved it. This new boat is the same size with a lower profile, less wind drift, and has a built-in keel for better tracking when using the eng.
And as for stand up fishing, you can.

My older Skykomish is for sale for $ 250.00 and is still in great shape. It is just to heavy for me about 60 lbs
Bill Hale Summer in Show Low but stgill in casa grande for a few weeks 520 251 0656