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Just wanted to let you know that after 2 years of not having insurance with my preferred company, Portugal Insurance, and now that I am moving back home, Rocky Point Puerto Penasco, I contacted my agent Zaeda at PI, she quoted me the same price as two years ago $1950 pesos for the whole year, 12 months, in my case, I only get liability for my 2006 Toy Prius, of course, my disclaimer is that yours will be different as you drive a different car and you have not been with them for 25 years either, however, I believe that they are an excellent company to work with and as always Mexican insurance company policy in the mail, email that is, so if you are shopping around just call 6383832390 ask for Zaeda Pino and tell her I referred you, who knows you just might get a discount!!!

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I just used Zaeda Pino recently for homeowners insurance. She was very helpful. Full coverage for my vehicle seems cheaper with them than what I am currently paying so will go back when my yearly policy expires.

Car, homeowner, and condo insurance available with the amounts depending on coverage amount.

Type 1: Liability insurance policy covers you with your drivers license number, driving any vehicle(ATC and road vehicles) anywhere in Mexico. The Premium is $180.00 per two drivers and $100.00 for one license.

Type 2: Liability insurance policies, which covers your Vehicle anywhere in Mexico. The Premium is $90.00 per year.

Type 3: Liability insurance policy, which covers your Vehicle and trailer or tow. The Premium is $150.00 per year.

Type 4: Full coverage insurance anywhere in Mexico, the annual Premium is according to the cars value. (they have a graph on the above link with the prices)
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I am with Pro Alliance (Rosey Glover) on Fremont St. We buy a yearly drivers license policy (liability only) it costs us
$212 for 4 drivers. I deal with Paty, she is great to work with.