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Cleared browser & cookies, still having the same problem. I'll have my I.T. guy take a look and see what he thinks. If the other member figures it out let me know. thanks again.
Stuart, Bob Oso here. Can you please advise me on what I may be doing wrong? I can navigate the site fine but I can't post on a thread, yet I can leave this message. thanks...
Tyler, Bob Oso here, can navigate the site fine, just can't post or reply. Am I doing some thing wrong?
yes can not post wanted to post on an old thread for satellite installers and could not then tried on other post and could not
Stuart...I am wondering if you can give me the contact information for a reputable outfit to do a half day fishing trip with out of RP?
not sure of our space # yet either, we have a 1991 Tioga class C - Az plate: RROCKET
Thanks we will be getting in Wed afternoon also. I Dont know what space we have yet #43?? would be nice.