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    Road to Lobos

    anyone know if the road to Lobos is open from Rocky Point Leigh
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    Road to Lobos

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    Shrimp Prices

    Thanks Russ
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    Highway closed,

    Do you know if it is still flooded as we are going to Lobos ,but not until Wednesday,Leigh
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    Shrimp Prices

    Just wondering on the shrimp prices are running on the large shrimp at the store east of burger king. Can't remember the name though. Leigh
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    Road to Lobos

    Hey, just wondering if the road to Lobos from Rocky Point past the Mayan is open ? Leigh
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    Who's paying? We are!

    page is gone
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    Boat for Sale

    congrats ed.
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    Good to see your out on the water again,Leigh
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    smelly dead whale playbook

    yeah, kind of like lobos,except it kept coming back to same beach. It was like it wanted to die on that beach only. It was about 500 yards from house. Sand stunk for a year it seemed like.
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    Rocky Point Fishing in October

    Arturo's fishing ,is out of Lobos . would highly recommend him. Good guy and excellent fishermen. knows a lot of spots . Leigh
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    In Speed Trap News...the mayor was shocked it occurs!

    surprise ,surprise
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    Bypass the Bivalves

    That means one of the good stores will re-open then since the Sinoloans are back .
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    Bypass the Bivalves

    Jerry ,can I eat oysters from Tanque 13 miles north of lobos
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    Bypass the Bivalves

    Jerry , Lobos