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    Los Pavorreales Restaurante

    Nah, just a few cool ones for dinner, nothing serious. We do take our own to Pollo Lucas with no problem
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    Los Pavorreales Restaurante

    What about beer? I didn't see it on the menu so can you bring your own?
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    Sally's Passing

    Just heard that Sally of Xochiti's fame has passed. When?
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    Do you bring meat across border?

    We pack the motorhome to travel for 6 months. Some meat gets put in the bottom of the freezer and it might or might not get eaten before we cross. Never had the freezer taken apart looking for stuff at the bottom. If they look at all, it is a simple open the drawer and look.
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    Mayan Palace

    To answer your question, no you do not have to take a presentation to have lunch. Just be prepared to pay through the nose, it is expensive in my opinion
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    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    If this goes to fakebook, I'm gone.
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    Not a real restaurant but good,cheap eats. Got introduced to the place this year.It is out in the barrio but is still a place to go. North on Constitution to Caborca, turn left. Go two blocks and turn right. Take your own beer or whatever. He does have soda. Oh yes, he has a facebook page
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    New Warning re Speeding to Rocky Pt.

    We came north on Mar 12 and got stopped in the same spot. Our friends got through because there wasn't room for two RVs to get pulled over at the same time
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    Handgun in PP

    Boy are you stupid. Taking a pistola into Mexico is stupid
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    IVA Tax?

    Did I say I didn't like the tax? All I wanted to know is why some businesses show the tax on a receipt and some don't. And, by the way, yes I can afford it.
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    IVA Tax?

    OK, I get it. 16% is what it is and those of us that can afford it, no problem. Those that are barely scraping by, it is a problem. 16%, to me is a pretty hefty sales tax.
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    Spring Break 2017

    Half naked babes? Shoot, all I had around me in the campground was a bunch of Mormons with a hundred little kids. At least they were quiet and well behaved.
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    IVA Tax?

    What is the scoop on this 16% tax? Some businesses charge and some don't. I heard it was a tax on meat then a tax on everything. Anyone know what the real reason for the tax is?
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    Shell Beach

    Ok, we'll give it a shot
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    Shell Beach

    We will be down on the 13th and the ladies want to pick up some shells. Where is a good beach to do so?