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    Cholla Bay Slay Ride

    Ah, hell no !!! Why was I in Phoenix this weekend ? Sounds like an epic trip Joe ! F’ing Mexico Joe winning again. Love the GSP on a Jet Ski !!
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    lease or purchase car in mexico?

    Was in DF and Cuernavaca a couple months ago for 10 days. Uber-ed everywhere. Took a couple buses also. Liked Uber so much, went from Cuernavaca to DF via Uber. Smooth, same price as bus pretty much with two passengers. Her job might require a car; but maybe suggest to her giving local...
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    Hurricane a comin .

    Just got back to Phoenix. We went from Encanto to Mayan Road to Penasco this morning early. Two washes on the Highway were really deep ! We had to leave two vehicles at my house. Pretty crazy, we were down for my kid’s wedding. Had a blast. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thanks to...
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    What's up with the Federales stopping everybody yesterday and searching the Vehicles.

    No clue. Joint interdiction effort ?
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    What's up with the Federales stopping everybody yesterday and searching the Vehicles.

    The Military has been checking vehicles leaving Mexico the past couple of months. Prob 50 yards South of the Border.
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    Manny's Beach Club

    Went to the Grand Opening yesterday afternoon. It was packed; had a really good time. They had a band playing, even Manny was there.
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    Border Line is bad tonight

    6:22-9:01 pm 4 lanes open
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    Border Line is bad tonight

    No idea Joe - Seemed like a normal crowd in town I’m 2:20 and just passed the T-Rex Website sez one hour
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    Border Line is bad tonight

    Double line starting at the Curve
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    ADOT map now includes RP

    There is a zone about a half a mile either side of Organ Pipe the speed limit drops to 55. Headed South around the right hand bend in road, I have seen the Ranger out of the immediate line of sight running radar. P.S. 1. Dirtsurfer, I am not insinuating you were not in a 65 zone. 2. The...
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    Jeep....many of you will cry

    Nice ! That looks brand new. Mine had no top, no wipers, no rear seats, etc. It was institution light green; the maintenance guys at my high school helped me out one day by putting an extra coat of bathroom green paint on it - with rollers ! Drove it for a couple years at uofa. Only got...
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    Jeep....many of you will cry

    Many of the older four-wheelers were geared incredibly low. I had a '66 Landcruiser back in the 70's that had a strong straight 6 (copied from an old GM design), but the three speed was geared so low I could only get it up to around 50 miles per hour. I believe with a modern configuration...
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    2018 Tax Breaks in Caborca For Early Payers RP?

    Just paid taxes. Exchange is 17.5. Super nice down here today !
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    The Last Vaquita?

    CNN Article ( I believe this is new )