Adventurous Valentines Evening to Benifit Adopt-A-Classroom

An Adventurous Valentines Evening In Rocky Point
Author Mark McMahon and Adopt-A-Classroom Team Up with a
Big Heart!

Live your adventure and follow your heart on Valentines
Day with Mark McMahon, an adventurous twist on a romantic
day. On Saturday February 14th at 7pm at the Playa Inn
Hotel Mark will be featured as the inspirational keynote
speaker for a fundraiser for Rocky Points Adopt-A-Classroom.
Their mission is to help underprivileged classrooms in
Rocky Point.

Marks passion for adventure and his passion for
Adopt-A-Classroom will ignite your passion. Struck by a
sudden sense of his mortality, McMahon left a lucrative
dental practice behind and embarked on a life-changing
journey, a solo two and a half year driving odyssey from
Tucson to the southern most tip of South America that
sparked a spiritual awakening. Since then his lifes work
has become about inspiring others to live their adventure
and take a step in the direction of their dreams. It is a
compelling story with a message, and a multi-media
experience with the award-winning photographer and former
professional stand-up comedian.

Mark will share stories from the road backed up with video
and photos set to an original musical score. Join him as
he presents principles and practical steps that you can
apply to your life to help focus your passions and manifest
your dreams. The experiential evening will include an
introduction to Mark's Three Minute "Mmm Good" Meditation.
You will step into the mystery of being alive and come away
with practical steps to focus your passion. Passion is the
magical ingredient that organizes the universe to manifest
your dreams.

Mark will be available at the end of the event to sign
copies of his book: Driving To The End Of The World.
His photography products will also be for sale with a portion
of the proceeds benefitting Adopt-A-Classroom.

There is $10 suggested donation for event. Donations of
school supplies also gratefully accepted that evening!
There will be a raffle and door prizes worth hundreds of
dollars donated by local merchants.

A special room rate at the Playa Inn (next to Capone's Pizza)
is available through Or
contact Barb in Rocky Point at 383-4963 in U.S.A. 602-324-9529

Pump up the passion on Valentines for you and your loved
one. Come on out for a great evening in support of a great

"When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."
- Jiminy Cricket, from

Mark McMahon, Author of:

This article can also be found on page 49 in the February issue
of the Rocky Point Times, and also on our Classroom Website


I like pie.
Staff member
Is there a place to donate online, or to someone that will take my donation down there?

I won't be down there for a while.
Tyler you can donate online from our website at:

There is a PayPal button or you can just send school supplies to our P.O. Box in Lukeville.

Also anyone that donates online will be included in the raffle for some great door prizes to be given away at the event... like gift certificates from Capones Pizza, Kayak Rocky Point, Sun n Fun Dive Shop, Debbies Resturaunt, Shark Bite Bar & Grill, Sr. Amigos and more.

In fact you do not need to donate anything to attend the event at Playa Inn. We would be happy just to meet all of you.

The suggested donation of $10.00 is just a suggestion... you can donate $1.00 or even just a pencil and a spiral notebook would be great...

Because even if you can only give a little... it will help a lot...
Tyler Thank You Very Much... and all the members of this forum Barb and I really appreciate your support... we couldn't do this without everyones help...

Also special thanks to Inka for his generosity... it would be great if we could get to meet all of you in Rocky Point on Valentines Day at the Playa Inn...