Anyone catching fish in Penasco?


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Lots of fun are they not?
We tend to get a lot of snags in the reefs so have moved to a "drop shot" weight and hook arrangement.
I tie the hook 16-18" above end of the line, then the weight at the end with only 4 or 5 twists of the standard knot.
That keeps the bait and hook off the reef. If the weight gets stuck, the line can slip off the weight and i only have to re-tie a weight at the end to get fishing again
I sometimes tie the snelled hooks to the line "drop shot" style which keeps the hook that 6" off the main line.


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Can you elaborate further on your steel leader setup.. maybe a pic or two? Also, is it a drop shot type rig (with 2 hooks then weight at bottom or Carolina rig with sliding weight first then the hook(s))?
watch this first.