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I think we need to make the DEAL of the CENTURY with DONNY... GUNS STAY LEGAL for the Republicans, Democrats get legal drugs... Sounds like a decent compromise. I mean, I already have both in my possession right now!


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Any new information on this grisly discovery? I was told that it possibly was a gravesite for people who had no one to claim them in PP.

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Three more bodies found Thursday 7/16/20

In clandestine graves, three bodies were found, to varying degrees of decomposition, by the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora collective in deserted and uninhabited terrain in the municipality of Puerto Peñasco.
After an intense search, the women excavated in the area known as Las Ostioneras, throughout the afternoon of this Thursday and hoped to find more bodies, since near the same place, 8 months ago they found around 56.
"We will not stop looking for our missing children and relatives, but the support of the Attorney General's Office is necessary to legally identify the skeletal remains," said Cecilia Flores, leader of the group.
The Mothers Seekers left from Puerto Peñasco, to search the previously indicated sites.
The National Guard, which has accompanied them throughout Sonora, took care of them in three vehicles, while they went in their own cars.
The search that took place amid the intense heat, with temperatures of up to 45 degrees, was still continuing in the sandy terrain of Puerto Peñasco, with no further findings reported until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.
It should be remembered that between October 23 and November 9, 2019, the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora group found a total of 56 bodies in clandestine graves located in the eastern part of Puerto Peñasco.
Firstly, in the period from October 23 to 26, a total of 42 human bodies were found during the searches carried out to search for missing persons in an unpopulated property located 8 kilometers from Puerto Peñasco.
In the first search they found 13 bodies, in the second 14 bodies and on the third day, 15 bones.
Days later, on Sunday, November 3, the discovery of 4 more bodies was reported, in the area of the Ostionera number two.
And on Saturday, November 9, ten additional skeletons, apparently complete, were also found in the area of the Ostionera number two, following the review of points where the group Madres Buscadoras de Sonora suggested the possibility of locating missing persons, reported the Attorney General of Justice of the State of Sonora.
All the skeletons found for identification have been concentrated in the Forensic Scientific Intelligence Laboratory and, to date, apparently only one of the bodies found in clandestine graves has been identified and handed over to their families.

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Sad but not uncommon in Mexico. The cartel isn't taking their victims to the hospital/mortuary so there's pry a thousand more. Last year was the deadliest on record o wait, no, now this year is already shaping to be more deadly than last year. 36k + .... "HUGS NOT GUNS" or whatever his stupid MANTRA is. AMLO is seriously fucking up hard. How many years left on his 6 yr term?!