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We used Fernando Curiel to design and build our house in Las Conchas. The house is approximately 2500 sq ft. and was finished in less than 9 months. I believe Fernando is now has some position for the City like Director of City Planning or some similar title and I don't know if he is still doing construction. His office is in the large plaza opposite of Las Conchas - he built that and was the builder for the defunct development right next to it "Something" Del Mar. The models were built and that's it. He has built some other houses around Las Conchas. He is very accomodating and responsive.
"My hard cost in those house's was around $60,000.00. there are some other 2 stories I built that are similar but smaller, that cost me around 35,000.00. Roberto's office sold one of those to a Federal Judge in 2006. I will see if i can post some pictures. Thanks"

You mean cost not including labor, etc.? Or is that what those would sell for, not including the lot fee? And how many square feet were the ones at $60K vs. the $35K, approximately?
I built 3 houses at the same time, I spent around 60,000.00 labor, materials, social security and permits on each house, I paid 30,000.00 for the lot, then subdivided it into 3 pieces, the houses are 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a 600 sq ft deck on the 2nd story, with an outdoor kitchen on the deck and a kitchen in the house, not counting the deck the house iis 1400 sq ft. Sell price for the first one was 155k 2nd 167k 3rd 175k I also paid a real estate commision of 6% or about 30,000 for all 3 and capital gains tax of around 72,000.00 dollars. Dont forget this was 2006 year of the still easy money and big egos. The smaller house is just under 700 sq ft the 2 of them sold in the 70,000 dollar bracket. The lot cost about 7k and again i paid a commision and capital gains. My hard cost included every expense there was for one house 60k I built 15 houses total in Lopez Aceves. MS2810 asked what the houses cost to build and thats what they cost. jerry, these house's are the quality you talk about, I brought help from Guaymas and Nayarit and they built the 7 2 story houses in Lopez and 3 in Las Conchas.
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Lagrimas and Roberto - We'll be down on October 6th - any chance of meeting up for a tour of Lopez with my husband, my sister and me?


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Lagrimas and Roberto - We'll be down on October 6th - any chance of meeting up for a tour of Lopez with my husband, my sister and me?
Hey sure to stop in and see us as well :) We're planning on being there that weekend as well
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You seem to know about real estate.
Is there a custom lot development, “Ocean View” and “Costa De Monte”?
If so, where are they located? Can anyone build on a lot?
Spelling might be off.


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Ocean View, as far as I know , is used to describe just that of a property ' a view of the ocean' . I visited some described as such but I called it an Ocean Peek!! There is one house on the north side of the RR tracks that actually has an ocean view, if you stand on the toilet and look out the window of the bathroom!!

Costa De Monte is located on Sandy Beach and may be a development of SBR. Not sure about that.

Anyone can build on a lot if they own the lot !!! City requires some stuff but nothing like the US.