burned by the wind but caught a few fish


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It was super windy all weekend while I was there and of course this AM it was glass. Was supposed to go out on the about time on saturday but marina was red flagged. Remainder of the group still in RP should be going out tomorrow while I had to come back to town. Fished high tide sat and sunday from about 4-6pm. Saturday caught a mess of rockbass and a fish ive never seen before. It almost had a pompano/jack shape to it. It was all silver with 1 black vertical stripe on it closer tot he head and no teeth. Had some spines on top. We were not sure what it was but caught two of them and they put up a good fight. On sunday we caught a corbina, bonefish, trigger, and another mess of rockbass. no pics so it didnt happen. Woke up sunday AM with a gnarly case of the pink eye. would have loved to fish this morning but had to get back home. June trips are the best of the year and this one was hampered by heavy winds but was able to land some fish at least. Browsed mexfish.com for about 30 mins and just cannot find what kind of fish that was that we had never seen down there.