Child with hearing loss needs surgery....


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I decided to start another thread on the topic, so that people would not have to wade thru 7-8 pages of posts to get the needed information.....

Jimena, whose grandmother is Lorena (used to work at the old Margaritavilla and Coyote Ugly) is about 2 1/2 yrs. old and is deaf. The family is very poor and could not afford to get her diagnosed for the cause. Some money was raised by members of this Forum, and Bill (lagrimas85) and his wife Fabiola took her to San Luis to get tested. It appears that with some device and eventually surgery (sounds like cochlear surgery), she will be able to hear. Both the device and the surgery is very expensive. Ways are being explored to get what the little girl needs, both thru charitable foundations, and fund raising

To get the full story as background, read this thread....

I will post some pictures here, and one of the last posts made on the other thread which is the info on the diagnosis.


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Pictures of Jimena and her mom, Maria

P1030299web.jpg P1030302web.jpg P1030305web.jpg

Here are pictures of the little girl taken by Bill and Fabiola in San Luis while she was getting the testing.


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One of the last posts in the old thread....

Some more info....heard from Bill (lagrimas85), and from his description, the girl may need cochlear implants (or something like that). The cost for the devices is about 15,900 pesos as Mark mentioned, and the surgery in Mexico would run about $40-50K USD. I think they need to see if the group from Tucson that Mark mentioned before(Manos de Ayuda clinic) will be able to take care of the surgery and implants since the girl now has a diagnosis. I'm attaching some photos that Bill took of the little girl, Jimena, and here mom, Maria.

Mark...I'm good for another $100 US for any fundraising.

Thanks again to Bill and his wife Fabiola.....his "suspension" from the Forum should be over pretty soon....

I'm attaching his email:
Joe, we are back in RP. We had a nice trip, I called some friends of ours in San Luis when we arrived there and they told us to stay with them, so no hotel bill and then they fed us while we were there. There is good news and bad news about Jimena, the good news is that with an operation she will be able to hear and lead a normal life, for now she needs an apparatus installed ( the nerve or nerves in her ears are dead) to stimulate the nerve for one year before they can operate, Joe this device at a big discount is 15,900.00 pesos, the operation involves an implant that transmits sounds to the inner ear and in Mexico is 40,000.00 to 50,000.00 dollars. Joe the little girl and her mother are precious and need to be helped. We talked to Blanca this evening about the situation and is going to see what she can do. The charge for the specialist to come from Mexicali this morning and for the anestisiologist was 5000.00 pesos if you could let everyone that donated know. If also you could seek some donations to Mark for the apparatus. All in all it was a really nice trip through El Golfo and the farms around San Luis. We had a block plant there 17 years ago and it was nice to go back. Joe I will try to send you some pictures of Jimena if I can. Bill


Mark and Barb,

If there are people like me that want to donate but may not be traveling to RP soon or all they can afford is 5-10-20 bucks... is it ok to donate on your adopte a classroom Paypal account ????? I think there is a place to describe items on the paypal ???? So the donation goes to the little girls medical bills..... :)

I am not sure about other people but if I can just click click click a few times and I made a donation it "happens" instead of I will give a donation sometime later after I figure out how to do that or travel back to RP sometime in the future and hand delivery it.

When Chari posted I got $50 to donate ! Chances are Chari will hand delivery the donation to mark and barb's House... But what about the rest of us ?

Mark and Barb please share the options for making donations for this little girl or other great causes you two have going :)


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Joe I will Match you on the $100.00 or any Rental money we get for the month of March on our condo... Which ever is greater...
Chari....Mark is exploring a way that contributions might be a charitable deduction towards their taxes....
OK... Harold and I talked it over and we got it worked out... If you would like to make a sizable donation and would like to use it as a charitable deduction toward your taxes we are able to apply your donation to a 501c3 (nonprofit organization)...

Please contact me through the Send me a SeaMail link below with your contact information and I will reply with instructions on where to send your donation... or if you would like you can make a donation to me in person when you are down here in Rocky Point and I will collect the needed info from you...

Joe I will Match you on the $100.00 or any Rental money we get for the month of March on our condo... Which ever is greater...
Rob... that's awesome you ROCK Dude... we'll be sending any inquiries from would be renters your way...



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For those of you who have the same problem like me....can't remember's a face to go with the name....the lady on the left of the photo is Lorena, the little girl's grandmother. On her right is Suzie. They both used to work at the old Margaritavilla (when Marty owned it).
Joe, I just sent the results for Jimena to your email. All in spanish. Mark can you send me your email again, I want to send you the results also.
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An email from Maria, Jimena's mother....which also included the test results.........the doctor's conclusion was that Jimena needs a cochlear implant.

Hi Bill & fabiola

How are you doing?

I am forwarding this e-mail, ximena`s resalts just wanted you to have a copy .

Thank you very much for your time and patience I realy THANK YOU for helping me out with my baby.

Thank you very much


Maria Peña
Joe, I also explained to her it wasn't just us, that it was you, Mark, Az Rob, Ladyjeeper,I saw something from Joester, Blanca, the Perez family in San Luis, Dr. Jose and the doctor that drove from Mexicali to San Luis to do the testing. I know others helped but I dont know who you are if you could post here I will forward the info to the mother. Meanwhile we need 15,900.00 pesos buy the apparatus she needs before they can do the implant, the nerves in the babies ears are dead and need to be stimulated for approximatly 1 year. We were told this was urgent. Please contact seadweller with any donations. Thanks


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For anyone that missed it, Mark (Seadweller) has made arrangements for contributions to be tax deductible....this is legit!!! Just contact him on his email (or PM) here, and he'll give you the details.

His email again is [email protected]

If you don't want to go thru that process, and have a small donation you want to make, you can use paypal on the website Mark and Barb have at: There is a location on there that you can indicate that the donation is for Jimena.


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Mark, I am going to send my donation down with my friend Kathy and Dave. They will get with you this weekend to give it to you......They will be there Thurs. thru Mon....O mean Thursday the 17th thru Monday.
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