Desal last minute push by Dougie


Tmecke ot out but just cant take it.
Iwas just kidding Joan of Vallarta but it will be a concern for us if a major platform of the Republican Party in 2024 is an invasion or bombing of Mexican Cartels. It’s like you dont understand the cartels relationship with Mexican leadership and the anger many Mexicns feel for American Bigfooting them for the last 150 years.


Jerry, let's not get started with thr political shit and name calling now that Stuart is gone.. there's a post section he created for that.
Hey that guy and Joan especially have been starting it. Mirramar and yet when she or JJ especially pukes out hatred of jews , mexicans and the Ukraine you say nothing…typical Tucson foothills style …pearl clutcher

still this is a thread about Desal and provides valuable information . I was distracted by white power noise….sorry

one last thought then back on Desal :The Mexican officials will take it out on us because we are low hanging fruit


You're the man, old guy. Take our hands and educate us, with all your wisdom about actually living in Penasco!!!
Jerry is probably in Switzerland at the moment awaiting his assisted suicide appointment.

Still has to vent some shit on anyone he can still think of.