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    Anyone snatched a fresh Dorado from the "Ocean" ((according to Roberto)) out of Puerto Penasco yet?

    My fiberglass killing machine is just whining for fresh blood on the decks. Every time I walk past her she wags her two Yammies and makes slurping noises from the deck scuppers.

    This early monsoon stuff should be bringing them up by the thousands now.

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    Appears that the San Carlos fisherman are having an off summer as far as the Dorado is concerned. I assume that will have an impact to us here north. Those fish have a lot of long lines and nets to get through to make it to our waters. I have been wanting to head south to splash the boat but the insufferable heat and humidity has taken the gumption right out of me. Besides, I fished Alaska a few weeks ago and I don't know if I could squeeze any more fish in my freezer. Give it a try, we are in dire need of a fishing report for the SOC!
  3. Stuart

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    I haven't been out. But the timing is right, if you can find a weedline and work it. And not die of the heat and humidity right now.

    Kelney also makes a valid point. Whereas I used to get some decent 20-25 lb. dodos out of Penasco, the last few years I've targeted them were nothing but peanuts. The long lines further south put a big hurtin' on them.
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    We went out July 17th with Rocky Point Fishing Services and saw quite a few smaller dodos. We were out 20-30 miles though. We also saw a school of skipjack boiling about 5-10 miles out.
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    We saw two schools of small, maybe 1 1/2 - 2ft Dorado off Santo Tomas last weekend. They would follow my large crocodile (we were jigging for grouper) but wouldn't hit it. Went out the next day and trolled with 6" and 9" rapalas for about and hour and got zilch. Sea Bass and grouper are hitting nicely down there right now
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