Drug legalization


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So if the link doesn't work let me sum it up.The President of mexico(right winger Mexican style) has a bill on his desk that legalizes small amounts of dope but in reality turns users into small time dealers that then face prison sentences.
On the positive side, we drunk assholes can now have a half gram of coke,5 grams of weed and a pinch of smack and not be thrown in jail. Scale sales are going to go off the charts.Plus picture the traffic problems as the pigeon coopists have to drive back and forth to the dealers house to be under the legal limit.


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As much sense as this makes, I doubt we'll see this happen in the US in our lifetimes. We have a whole system built around making money by punishing those who possess/use drugs. The feds, the police, the judicial system, the lawyers, the prisons, etc. You honestly believe the government is going to willingly downsize any of these efforts? Not.

Besides, Jerry, you neglected to read the fine print on this web page. I pointed it out for you below. <snicker> :razz:


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Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way

The History Channel did a program called "Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way" that is really interesting and informative. And not the least bit boring. It's broken into sections such as how heroin became illegal, cocaine, marijuana, etc. You can see the whole thing on YouTube if you want to.

Here's a link to Part 1 (of 5) on how marijuana became illegal. Get a cup of coffee and a donut or something and watch all five parts. You won't be sorry. Some of the old film footage alone is a real hoot and worth your time (remember 'Reefer Madness?) And, ironically, it has some parallels to what is going on in the USA today.


Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx50lhkQcf0&feature=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oloobzAU-3Q&feature=related

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKbfXabxddg&feature=related

Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVQoz1dFIuE&feature=related

Go ahead and watch, you'll enjoy it. ;)

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Here is another thing everyone might want to read. It was written by Rollins "Rolly" Brook, a gringo who moved to a small Mexican city (Lerdo) in Durango around 2001 and never looked back. You can find out about him beginning here: http://rollybrook.com/tarzana.htm , and his website is chock full of valuable information about living in Mexico, but what I'm steering you to today is his experience with the drug wars, which began in July 2008 and which he wrote about last April (2009). A first-hand account written by an American retiree. I think you will find it both interesting and informational.


I've got a link to his website on RP Tides in the "Useful Links" list because it has so much great stuff in it. Rolly is the bee's knees. ;)