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The work of the Home Port is being held without progress.

Puerto Penasco, Sonora.- The Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and the Ministry of Public Administration revoked the contract for the work of the Home Port to the company Manzanillo, SA de CV, after they found that the agreement belongs to Infrastructure and Industrial Projects Diamante consortium.

This decision came after the SCT and the Ministry of Public Service stated that the consortium Infrastructure and Industrial Projects was Diamond who won the public bidding held in December 2014 by the Commission of Tourism Development (Cofetur), under the direction Javier Tapia Camou, for the construction of the first phase of the breakwater and unfair contract stating the company Manzanillo, SA de CV.

In addition, federal authorities ordered the Cofetur that deliver to the Federal Treasury the amount of 50 million, which served as an advance for the first part of the construction of the work.

It is noteworthy that currently the work of the Home Port is stopped due to various technical reasons, mainly because the selected materials were not suitable for construction.

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I can't wait to see how Joe from the Sonoran newsletter and Wendy with the brand new hard hat put a positive spin on this turn of the cards..

La Huerita

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Here's another version, google translated from Dossier Polition

Hector Apolinar Political / Exclusive Dossier
Day of publication: 12/15/2015

The announcement that the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation revoked the contract for the construction of the Home Port of Puerto Penasco, the company "Constructora Manzanillo, SA de CV", has produced a scandal in political and business circles of Sonora.

The Home Port is a construction that began in January 2013 in the area of Sandy Beach. It consists of a breakwater, a platform for building a cruise ship pier, an avenue of access and a pedestrian boardwalk with reclaimed beach, which would have a total cost of 1,200 million pesos.

As the work would boost the arrival of cruise ships purpose, which would foster economic development and employment in the region.

At present, the work is stopped due to faulty materials and other selected technical reasons.

According to the decision of the SCT, the contract was withdrawn because it belongs to the company Infrastructure and Projects Industrial Diamond, who won the public bid made in December 2014 to build the first phase of the work, which is the construction of the breakwater, which would cost about 209 million pesos.

Jucio vs Tapia Camou stands

The director of Infrastructure and Industrial Projects Diamond, William Garduza Urgell, filed a lawsuit against the Industrial Port Authority, chaired at the time, Javier Tapia Camou, and announced that the then official pressured him to hire a designated suppliers for him, which inflated the prices of their inputs up to about 30 percent, which was rejected by Garduza.

At the same time, Tapia, as head of the Port Authority authority, hired the company Constructora Manzanillo to initiate the work for which he gave 50 million pesos.

The struggle for the work might have swell as the company Infrastructure and Industrial Diamond Project, which is based in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, has no experience in marine construction.

According to its website, it was founded only in 2008 and has a staff of 25 employees.

Instead, Constructora Manzanillo, is a company with 32 years of experience in large-scale marine constructions.

On its website, the company reported that "specializes in maritime and Foundations, always complying with the strictest quality standards providing engineering solutions for the satisfaction of our customers."

He adds that "it has built exemplary projects in many places in Mexico and has formed strategic alliances with international companies for major projects". (1)

Instead, the company is engaged in Veracruz real estate constructions, as reported on the Internet.

According to that information, the company "Infrastructure and Industrial Projects Diamante, SA de CV is a company within the industry Nonresidential building contractors in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. The organization is located in Juan Alvarez Dept. 304 Mz 140 A privately held company was founded in 2008 ". (2)

The director of the Veracruz company, Williams Garduza, like Javier Tapia, a member of the PAN of Agua Dulce, Veracruz, located south of the state, on the border with Tabasco, so that in addition to economic interses, could have Case in political struggles within the PAN. (3)

Note 1, see: http: //www.constructoramanzanillo.com/

Note 2 ver: http://fichas.findthecompany.com.mx/l/127279150/Infraestructura-y-Proyectos-Industriales-Diamante-SA-de-CV-en-Coatzacoalcos-VER

Note 3, see: http://diariopuntoyaparte.mx/administrar/2015/03/16/el-panismo-de-agua-dulce-azul-descolorido.html#.Vm9iL0rhDMw


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It reminds one of how the Mexican passenger trains ended....a crooked politician was not getting big enough bribes and found German bus builders paid far better...the trains then disappeared.


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Oh oh...there's a tape.....
August 15, 2015
Audio ... ready ... power vacuum settings Faustino ...
A pair of audio that came to public light this week reveal rather deepen, corruption of this government of Guillermo Padres, now if you already mired in disrepute in the eyes and counting the total population and sectors.

The first audio that account for extortion attempts Commissioner for Tourism, Javier Tapia Camou and subordinates, executives from a construction company that won the tender spring what will be the Home Port in Position Point.

The bottom of blackmail is asking company executive cede rights to a pair of construction of Manzanillo linked to Tapia and Dagnino, obviously they refused, and in response Javier Tapia and the government closed them the key, gave them little in advance .

Tourism officials this week went to the office of the construction in order to terminate the contract, but came Revire the company lawyer, received them with shelter, and with this they are Tapia and fell to the Newson, were It was the work ... and the Moche, which hovered at 60 million.

And even more, and Javier Tapia was criminally sued for extortion, which will face the case, have money, but will need to bring a case and what it entails Did this need? No, but as the saying goes, "greed broke the sack" and now burned and the image of honest businessman ... tatters.

On the other audio


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"The award of the contract is unfair to the company" Constructora Manzanillo ", since the work was already awarded, coupled with the fact that it was in after the working day of February 2015 date, the day when the Commission Tourism Development in Sonora, he was required to file year end to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the Secretariat of Public Function (SFP), "the operative issued by the federal agency.
As an immediate action mandated by the federal authority, indicated that the Port Authority, in coordination with the Cofetur should perform immediate repayment to the Treasury of the Federation, resources in the amount of 50 million pesos, plus financial income generated, resources that had been considered as an advance for the construction of the project.


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This from a few months ago adds some info to this confusing story "
Manoteo to the end
Written by Samuel Valenzuela
Tuesday August 4, 2015 18:32

It is again trying to attribute outrages and abuses of PAN ruling party to "request Gov.-elect Claudia Pavlovich "as he tried a few weeks ago Commissioner sport Vicente Sagrestano when he fired a hundred coaches or high performance when officials middling beneficiaries of the incoming administration are said and trampled rights of bureaucrats.

But this trend was extrapolated case and claims of a corrupt ruling caste, which already output insists slapping all the way resorting to vulgar extortion and blackmail, as described by publicly denouncing the company director, Infrastructure and Diamond Industrial Projects, SA de CV, William Garduza Urgell, against the Sonora tourism commissioner, Javier Tapia Camou . Directed to Claudia, the manager said in a short letter detailing the adventures since December last year when the company he represents He won the tender for the construction of the Home Port of Puerto Penasco, which convened by the Port Authority of Sonora, headed by hotelier provides a contract for just over 215 million pesos.

Claudia Pavlovich

The assignment of the execution of the work was December and all seemed well with the delivery of about 19 million, of 64.5 million pesos in advance stated in the contract award and that was it, because mid- January this year, Tapia Camou spoke to recommend reliable suppliers and indeed, they were very confident of the corrupt, because their contributions were for a price of 30 and up to 40 percent compared to market prices and therefore were rejected. The reaction of the hotelier got public officials, was to retain the rest of the delivery of the advance, as well as mechanical soil, access permissions and dumping, exclusive arrangements of the Port Authority, without which the work can not be performed legally and also receive "incisive" pressure to cede the contract to Constructora Manzanillo SA de CV To complete the picture and how they did not give, without further excuses, they notified the rescission of the contract, so they turned to the Ministry of Public Administration, in the context of a conciliation process, reschedule the start of work for the month of May.

Vicente Sagrestano

To no longer the story of another story of corruption in this ball of thieves led by Governor Guillermo Padres, in his letter to Claudia, the company representative tells you that following the outcome of the election on June 7, Tapia Camou reinforced its pressure to cede the contract to Constructora Manzanillo, but now with the argument that these are the wishes of the elected governor and also to people close to him and has moored at the next administration. For to this manager whose company is based in the state of Veracruz maybe it is a novelty to be indexed by the Moche 30 percent as a condition to perform a work in Sonora, but by no means is to Sonora entrepreneurs, suppliers and service providers, who throughout this administration has financed the current financial bonanza parents and his gang because they have no other option than to be part of that chain of corruption. The curious thing is that this Garduza Urgell in elections 2006 was deputy PAN candidate to federal deputy by the state of Veracruz, besides being ruler for that party in the town of Freshwater, which and apparently, such a background did not prevent to lift the flaps to the PAN government Sonora.