Feb 6-7 trip confirmed


Stay Thirsty My Friends
I booked a condo for next weekend yesterday. Me and a buddy will be heading down early the morning of the 6th.

We will launch out of Safe Marina both days. Weather and wind forescasts look awesome so far- let's hope the forecasts hold up.

We're not going to venture too far out- this being the first Cortez trip for my boat- so we will probably start off of Pelican Point and maybe make our way out to the 16-210 and maybe the 15 mile reef. I figure if we can pick up a few flounder/halibut. and maybe a few 5-10 pound pintos or Leopards then it will be a good trip. If things go good Saturday then maybe we will venture farther out on Sunday.

Tackle-Wise- I'm packing sabiki's, short shank bait hooks size 1/0 to 10/0, various drop sinkers up to 16 ounces, some jigging iron (tady's and diamonds with the trebles replaced with thick shank 10/0 singles) and a bunch of scampi's and swimbaits in green and root beer (1 and 2 ounce heads). Anything else you guys would recommend in the tacke department?

Hope to get to meet some of you RP gurus out there!


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Hope to see you there. Still planning on fishing Sat. at this point. Sunday weather is looking pretty iffy at the moment.


Stay Thirsty My Friends
I'll be heading to LeLe's bait shop (errrrr.. I mean supermarket) tomorrow after work to look over their bait (damn- I mean seafood) selection.


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moore whan kind of boat are you going to be on? So we will know who you are. Hope your fishing goes well and meets all your expectations. Just a reminder the superbowl is on sunday. so if you plan on fishing that day I guess i will see you out there. Good luck to you.