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Captain Mike Schmidt was sure they were coming to check for the newly required visas that a new Mexican law had obligated all fishermen to now have in their possession. hmmmm


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The problem with all of this is obvious, they make up the rules as they go. Fishing license? Check. Visa? Check. Mexican Temporary Import Permit? Check. Dispachio? Check. OHHHH, obsolete Boat Permit? No bueno. Outta here! You will not win any argument when stopped out there, period. I feel for the Cali guys; thank-god they aren't bustin' chops in Penasco. Well, at least not at the moment. I have no idea of what the "new visa requirement" is. I'd be guilty as sin because I haven't seen a damned thing about it and, despite being pretty literate and up-to-date on all things Mexico, I'm totally ignorant on this. Haven't seen it talked about anywhere.


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Stu- the visa issue is only for US boats crossing INTO Mexican waters from an international port of departure. If you launch your boat from Mexican soil, then no visa necessito

I researched this a couple weeks back and Dan helped clear it up for me.

Things are getting pretty nasty on the Pacific side- the Mexicans are making a MINT from their share of the haul taken by tuna wranglers and Japanese long liners. The San Diego sport boats yield way less revenue for the Mexican gov't since all they really generate are the modest sport license (and now tourist visa) fees...

This is a blatent "try to make it so inconvenient for the gringos that they just go away" situation.

But then again, if California DFG and the California sport-fishers had better managed their own fishery over the past 30 years, then they wouldn't all NEED to be running south of the border to find fish in the first place.

Responsibility (or lack of it) is the only root cause of all this stupidity (on both sides)