Hidden gems for good eats?


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Anyone have some good hidden gems for good eats in Rocky Point? I figure with the local economy down there, if there are certain gems people want to support, please let me know and I would like to give them a try. Some of my favorites (not all hidden gems) are "Tacos Brissa" (get the chile relleno), "Pollo Sinaloa El Angel" (to go, though Pollo Lucas is better for sit down), "Churros Peñasco", "La Michoacana" (Mexican ice cream and aguas), "Tortilleria Alex" (just tortillas), "Dulceria De Penasco" (Mexican candy store) and "The Point" (for dinner downtown).


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You have some good choices listed which we visit too.
Here are some of my fav's. Pane Vino for a good dinner and Pizza with a great view,
La Curva has good food and has been there for years, breakfast, lunch and dinner choices are great.
Jerrys Tacos on Padilla Street 6 blocks west of Benito Juarez. Informal taco stand lot's of meat with your taco's.
Mariachis & Tequila at Cholla mall is pretty good,
Puesta del Sol at the Playa Bonita is decent with a good view. Waiter's seem to have attitudes.
Mary's at the Fish Market is good with a nice view.
The Cholla Oyster House has been good, but the current crew the owner has working is OK to terrible. Decent food nice vibe and view.


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El Buzo is a must for the tuna steak or camarones diabla.
La Curva.
Chef Mickey’s is fine dining on Fremont, but many people have never been there.
Lis Pavorreales (a ranch out near Islas Del Mar

Infusion del Golfo at Laguna Shores (near fine dining but most people never have been there).
For breakfast Max’s of course but also Mew Mexican Restaurant

a major problem with many Puerto Peñasco restaurants is consistency. A change in management or the kitchen staff can send heros to zeros.


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Pollo Papago is my favorite rotisserie chicken
Puesta del Sol is favorite sea side patio dining (molcajete)- never had an issue with the wait staff unlike Capone's (yuck).
Margarita Mermaids is favorite fried chicken
Chef Mickey's is nice fine dining
Tacos Brissa for the papa relleno and vampiros
Mama Mia's for take-out pizza's (margherita pizza and shrimp pizza)
El Buzo for seafood overall
Burros Longo's on Fremont for big carne asada or machaca burros
El Camaron Gigante has a nice green sauce covered chimichanga
Brian's Sports Bar for $11 Prime Rib Friday's and $5 Pasta night Thursday's and $1 sliders night Monday's

3 that I miss: Ramon's in town and Beach Bum and Costa Brava on Malecon.

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El Meson (sp) Hard to find but GREAT food, nice family and will cook whatever you would like. They serve a great hamburger if your in the mood.
Truly a hidden gem if you like hidden gems.


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I'm pretty sure this is the El Meson El Wappo is talking about, really good food, off the beaten track.

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I really dont know any street names in Rocky, but the the most help I can offer is at the intersection where candy tortilla, Covadima ice plant and the hardware store, coming from Cholla mall turn left and go to the first stop sign. There is an elementary school. Turn right and go to the first street and turn left. Then on the right side begin your hunt for the hiden treasure, about the middle of the street.
Possibly Russ can offer better directions, I'm always lost anyway. They moved last year so address has changed from the Google search. GOOD LUCK


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Fish tacos at the port area next to Marcos. not many people know about this place on the street, mostly for the locals. generally open Thursday to Sunday, Generous portions of fresh fish from the market/


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For el Meson, which I highly recommend, go North on Constitucion and 3 streets before Samuel Ocana and just after the Internet and office store turn righ, then right again on the next street and it is right there on the left, just had shrimp an ribeye in pesto last night and it is amazing. One of my favorites here for sure plus it is walking distance from my house