Hidden gems for good eats?


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Bandito's on sandy beach was some of the best food we ate while we were down there. We had to go back for a second time before we left.

el whappo

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I really dont know any street names in Rocky, but the the most help I can offer is at the intersection where candy tortilla, Covadima ice plant and the hardware store, coming from Cholla mall turn left and go to the first stop sign. There is an elementary school. Turn right and go to the first street and turn left. Then on the right side begin your hunt for the hiden treasure, about the middle of the street.
Possibly Russ can offer better directions, I'm always lost anyway. They moved last year so address has changed from the Google search. GOOD LUCK
I followed my own diections and was all screwed up. Listen to Russ. Perhaps I'd bin drinking. Finally found it and it was wonderful.