How do we get strong Internet in Rocky Point?


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We live here full time and also needed good (usable) internet. We started with Telmex terribly slow DSL that provided 3Mbps download 500Kbps upload, too slow and occasional day-long outages. Telmex DSL was around $15/month. We then got Megacable internet that gave us around 10Mbps down, 2Mbps up when it worked. It was down at least once a week and was advertised as 20Mbps speed. Megacable internet was around $25/month.

I had been on the Starlink sattelite internet wait list for six months and we finally got the service around 5 months ago when they added northern Mexico to their coverage. It is AWESOME! We get anywhere from 75 to 150Mbps download and 10 to 12Mbps upload with 35-60ms latency typically. Facetime/Zoom calls work just fine as do video streaming services, however yoyu do have a Mexican IP address, so Nteflix etc. see you as outside of the US. The costs are more than the others, around $550 for the equipment (one time) and then $110/month. We have had a couple outages, but most have cleared up in a few minutes, the longest outage was a couple hours.

Hope that helps.


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We have microwave internet. I just ran an Okla speed test and got 39 megs download and 17 megs upload. We live out in Playa Encanto and I am not sure where else it is available. It has never gone down except once in a power outage when all of Penasco lost internet.


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Can you use StarLink RV in Mexico & US with one subscription? Or, do you have to have one subscription in the US and a separate one for Mexico?