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Has anyone actually been refused crossing the border in either direction at Lukeville? Or really even questioned about essential travel? Not to the best of my knowledge.

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I've had 12 trips since Aug 2020, not one agent on either side of the border has said a word about not traveling.


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We've gone up and back over the past year 30x. US asks us why we're going down, and we say to work on our house. Never had a problem.


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I came back in July 2020 and was told that it was essential travel only. I told them that Mexico considers tourism essential. The agent just looked at me, said okay and waved me through.


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I went north through Lukeville the day Trump visited the border wall in Yuma and had a CBP agent give me enormous crap about traveling before he inevitably let me in. He was really ugly. A couple minor ones around the same time. Recently very nice. We have a house guest in Arizona who crossed up through Nogales yesterday morning who said she had a long pleasant conversation at the checkpoint.