Islas Del Mar/Isla Conchilla Real Estate

Hello... I am new to this forum and I am hoping for constructive feedback on the Islas Del Mar development, specifically the homes that are being constructed beachfront. Does anyone have any experience with this development and the builder?

Thanks in advance.


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I am not real familiar with that development but follow the basic advice. do not buy anything that is not 100% completed, Otherwise you are buying a paper promise that has little legal backing to fulfill. Be sure that the sale is executed by a Notorio and you should visit with that person. Pass money directly to the seller for sales price and pay all other fees directly, not to an agent.


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I recall this development now. To their credit they have maintained the golf course. Friends play there and say it is nice.

Are they still planning on pumping water to fill those lagoons? Take a good look at this drone video. Note the lagoons get green at the terminus of the lagoon. Hard to really flush them out with clean water. You can see outflow on one shot of the drone from a lagoon into the beach.

I would not focus on the quality of the homes as much as the overall area. What happens when inevitably those pumps fail?

This is a very ambitious development. What happens if the development stalls unfinished?? At build out the owner fees should maintain the lagoons but who pays until that income is sufficient to maintain?? You could end up with a home on a big sandy trench !!

Take a good look at the beach there especially at low tide. It is on the estuary and I think it drains a lot when the tide is out. I would go over to Cholla Bay and view the development at low tide as well. When the tide goes out there it is a big mud flat between cholla and this development..

Drone video here.


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The value of our forum and it’s members (Roberto in this case) never stops impressing me. Feedback like this is priceless and won’t be found anywhere else no matter how hard you look.


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Shark, yes how true. I was on the old forum before I moved here and garnered a lot of useful information. I try to payback a little here now for all the help I got in the past, Facebook is a poor substitute. we do not have the flashy graphics but we do not need them !!!


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We had a house built out here and researched the development thoroughly.The lagoons have both an entrance and exit and are flushed and exchanged with every tide. There is no pumps. The development has the rights to its own water well, so we do not run out of water. Utilities are all USA standards and our roads are all paved. The lots are almost sold out and the condos, costa divina, first phase, are being completed for feb, I believe. We absolutely love it out here. The golf course is pristine and we enjoy the clubhouse restaurant, the Crane. Is a beautiful, peaceful setting here and is a great active lifestyle with water activities,golf, walking, running and biking.