Looks like lock down will continue for awhile


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What is your attraction to Rocky Point and this forum? You want to share in other peoples experiences visiting here or are you an expert on viruses?
Are you a political genius?


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Been going to Rocky Point for 45 years. I have a 16 year old goddaughter that I met there when she was 9 months old. Today we are great friends along with her mom and grandparents. Politics has nothing to do with my visits. I register to vote. I contribute to my candidate. I vote. Then I shout my mouth.

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Here it comes....

Alarming number of Covid-19 cases registered today Puerto Peñasco; 35 cases today

Puerto Peñasco registered today, September 13, 35 new cases of Covid-19, a record number since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic.

With today's cases, this port accumulates 204 cases of the disease, remaining at 29 deaths.


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So we opened up to visitors and we have increases in cases. I am no epidemiologist but I think we all saw it coming. That's why we are happy to stay home even though everything seems to be back to normal for the most part. We go to our beach area by ourselves, I go solo to the store to get provisions...and the rest of the time we are planning our post Covid life.......stay safe out there!

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Why do you guys even take the energy to post and report the Covid case counts if they are so drastically under-reported as so many posters have been stating.

Don’t then the numbers in your post and on that chart mean virtually zilch? zip ? nada ??
Give my the "zilch? zip ? nada ??" it's better than all the arguing BS that happens on here. If your not interested scroll on by, don't get a whiplash looking back, I heard they don't have a real licensed chiropractor here(lol). I am sure others will find the info useful.
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Looks like both the forum and covid-19 aren't getting better. Good luck folks.
Well, we have 3 assholes who's only comments are CHINESE VIRUS. The China Virus and other variations. We get it. You're a child. Cool. You've told us 19 times now that it's the Chinese Virus. These are literally the only comments these 3 CULEROS make on this forum. They never provide anything about Rocky Point. They only lurk on this forum to pop in at opportune times to spout their ignorance in the most 12 year old way possible. Literally CHILDREN!!!!