Mayan Palace


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I have a friend that is coming down from Oregon for a week. Last time she came, we went out to Mayan Palace for Lunch. This was 6 or 7 years ago. We were told we had to go to a sales presentation first. Is that still the same??

Hobie Vern

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Most likely?? They're expecting paying guests to pay $145 to play the golf course!! That's a ripoff! They don't even have drinking water on the course and no beverage cart.


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Wow You would need a boat. My friend is going to come down with me in Tax Season because my husband will be in the office 24/7. She was going to come to Mazatlan with us in Nov but couldn't get a a decent flight out of Portland and we drive down. So I told fly to Tucson and we will go to Penasco during Tax Season.


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To answer your question, no you do not have to take a presentation to have lunch. Just be prepared to pay through the nose, it is expensive in my opinion


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No, you should be able to get there. The Mayan road is fine, and the Caborca highway flooding is receeding
From RPTimes Newspaper 2 hrs ago.
“The Peñasco-Caborca is closed. NOT PASSABLE, A lot of water coming down from the storms in Sonoyta & AZ”