New Rocky Point????


I came across this Mayan Group site, many of you probably already seen it, I went to the presentation a couple of years ago and this was not mention to us, other than the new international airport, supposetly their plans are to make a larger city than the actual PP is.

WOW!!! :eek: Now that is a master plan 20k acres, 2 Jack Nicklaus? golf courses, a four lane highway, I believe Rene Palomino is a major real estate rep for Mayan Group in PP.

I was not aware that Mayan Group were the ones building the palms resort (Spillis) in Dubai either, if that is the case then this company has lots of power to do it!!!


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How much of this project has been completed and what is going on with it now? I never get that far out of PP. I don't think Groupo Myan had anything to do with the projects in Dubai. I think they are using the same designer.


I know for sure that as of May 2008 when I went to check San Jorge RV Park the main entrance was not done as they show in the site, then again since everything slowed down they might be waiting to see what happen, maybe they have not sold as much as they projected to continue. I did hear that 20 of the 42 main salepeople at Mayan Palace were laidoff a few weeks ago :eek3:


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A couple of interesting slides are the new 4 lane hiway from Lukeville. When we crossed the border 2 weeks ago, there was a "Kewit" construction sign right before the "Gringo Pass" sign. Kewit is a large earth moving and road construction company. Down a dirt road at the sign there was heavy equipment yard with a couple of D9's and a scrapper or two. I wondered what that was??


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25 years ago, I was led into a trailer parked next to the beach at San Jorge and shown a map and illustrations of what San Jorge was to be. Beautiful homes and condos, golf courses, a park, and oh yes, the featured attraction - a full service marina! A beach front lot could still be had in the neighborhood of 12-15k. You could park a trailer on it, but had to begin construction within 2 years.

25 years have passed. San Jorge still looks pretty much the same now as it did then - a few scattered homes along the beach.

The marina got the biggest laugh out of me! The tidal flats go out for miles. Unless they dredged a deepwater marina and channel, oh say about 3/4 of the way out to the island, the marina would be completely useless more than half the time. Your boat would be sitting on sand in a couple inches of water!

In Mexico? Don't believe any of it until it's built. :mexico:

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Kewit is doing the fence I seen them installing them at Lukeville. I bid a part of that fence and lost the bid to Juan's Portable Welding and Taco Stand. LOL