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Please do me a favor and don't bring politics into this forum. This country has gone to shit because of politics the past few years, the last thing I want to see is it being brought here.

We will never all agree on politics and you will never convince another person who thinks differently to think like you.

Just accept the fact that we're all different, we're all entitled to our own ideas and beliefs and leave it at that and remind ourselves, we're so lucky we have Rocky Point so close to home and we should be spending our time being thankful and enjoying it, instead of fighting with each other about nonsense.


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Thank you! The political spewing of a few brought the forum to its knees. It would be great again, if it returned to a place to learn about and discuss Puerto Penasco.
Oh please ..the politics originally started when we all didn't hell yes the failed Bush wars. Trump hated them too. The flag wavers who pretty much to a man now admit they were the waste of lives and treasure we pointed out to them can't claim clean hands in all this.I think Mexican politics that can influence our lifestyle down here should still be fair game.


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That was what the Rants and Raves was actually for. It worked even though it wasn't for every ones taste apparently.
Well, to Tyler's original point, it didn't work. Rants and raves weren't duly confined to Rants and Raves -- so I can appreciate his reminder to keep it civil.


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I come to the forum for news and information about Rocky Point and northwest Sonora. Many people here are knowledgeable on those subjects. But I don't want their social or political "wisdom" any more than I want it from people made famous for their singing, acting or sports ability.