Pulled Over for Peeing in Mexico

If you want a chuckle this morning, here's a funny article for you. I believe the "event" took place on the way north from San Carlos (because the "week at a marginal timeshare in an "up-and-coming" resort area on the Sea of Cortes" turns out to be the Marinaterra).

It's bound to happen during any road trip south of the border. You'll need to go really badly, and the roofless, doorless, toilet-paper-less cinder block shell marked "Baños -- 5 Pesos" will offend your dainty sensibilities.

It'll be tempting to take a quick leak on the side of the road, trucker-style, but as I learned, if you do, just be sure to check for a truckload of Federales before you unload and unzip.

For me, the moment came a little over a week into our 2010 Mexican expedition. We'd just wrapped up a week at a marginal timeshare in an "up-and-coming" resort area on the Sea of Cortes that seems to be much more down-and-out these days. It felt a little bit like spending a week with Cabo's little brother, the one who'll kick your butt at pool, but can't quite get his act together in any of life's more important areas, like warm showers.
Read the whole thing at http://www.asylum.com/2010/02/22/pulled-over-for-peeing-in-mexico/


Just go like those poor S.O.B.'s standing zombie like at the border do: right in your pants.


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Be glad it was Mexico. If you get caught watering the desert wildflowers here in AZ (an even more likely scenario now that they've officially closed the few highway rest stops we did have due to budget problems), you can be charged with Indecent Exposure. Being charged with indecent exposure makes you a sex offender. You must register as a sex offender and you will be part of the official Sex Offender Database, along with all the mother rapers, father rapers, little baby rapers and general run-of-the-mill perverts.

Have fun explaining that to your neighbors, potential employers during background checks, etc.

Oh, I'm plenty guilty of said offense. I mean, ya gotta go, YA GOTTA GO! But, I always make sure to walk out of direct view from the highway. I've seen many that just open the door, get out, and piss right there on the spot, as if the world were their toilet!


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~~~ Stuart is correct, ~~~ however like I've told everyone here before,

~~~ If you just ~~~ PEE ON THE ROCK ~~~ you will be just fine,

~~~ You will NOT get arrested, or a ticket,

~~~ The police don't care about the ROCKS what really PISSES them off is when you stink up the cactus,

~~~ And if you do get caught on a cactus, just ask them if they know ~~~ SALLY ~~~ :pinkie:


I plead not guilty to a bogus peeing in public up in Oregon, but plead guilty to "offensive littering" instead... When the assistant DA, approached the judge and my lawyer with this idea, the Judged asked him "can you do that?" The little twerp said, "we've done it before". The judge turned to me and asked how I plead to the charge of offensive littering. I laughingly said, guilty your honor. He looked at the assistant DA, and said, "don't do it again", and sent me on my way without a fine.


I spent a day in the Multnomah county Jail for peeing in the road in Oregon. I had to do something with that excess beer.


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~~~ Being that everyone is in the story telling mode, ~~~ I'll tell you one you won't believe ~~~ but is true, ~~~

~~~ Back in my running around in the street days, oh back 40 yrs. + - we had a guy in the pack we called Ese, ~~~ well Ese drank just as much if not more beer as the rest of us, ~~~ but we NEVER saw him ~~~ pee on the rock, ~~~ it was a mystery as to how he could hold it, ~~~ I always sat in the back seat behind the driver when we were in his car, I figured that if it started to come out his ears, I couldn't get hit,

~~~ This went on for yrs., ~~~ & then one nite Ese pulls into the parking lot of liquor store where we bought our beer, & weed, ~~~ That nite Ese was in a treating mood, ~~~ told us the beer, & weed was on him tonite, ~~~ hey alright Ese !!!

~~~ While Ese was in the store the three of us got out of car & did what the local dogs did on the side of the china mans bldg. ~~~

~~~ Ese was still in store & as I was getting back in car, ~~~ I see a liquid rolling out from under car, thinking it might be a radiator leak I get down & look under car, ~~~

~~~ I see a pc. of hose sticking out about a ft. from floor board rite under drivers seat, ~~~

~~~ I open door & see this hose with his hat on it, ~~~ I take the hat off, & what the hell, ~~~ there is a funnel attached to the hose,

~~~ When Ese comes back we ask him about this, ~~~ he just smiles & passes out the beer & weed, he say, ~~~ now you know,

~~~ The only mystery that remained now was ~~~ how did Ese connect his ..... well you know, to the funnel ?

~~~ Or did Ese simply ~~~ lay his ...... well you know in the funnel, while going down the road ? ~~~ true story,


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Well, funny this thread should come up this week! I got a story that's funny as h$%l!

Sunday, we went up to 7 Springs to help a fellow 4 wheeler who had slid off the road in the mud and flopped his rig and his first rescuer who slid off the road trying to help. After we got everybody out, we were coming back to Cave Creek on 7 Springs road. We rounded a corner and saw a Harley parked in the switchback. There was someone standing up by the bike but she (we think it it was a she) was looking away from the road. We then saw someone bent over like he (we think it was a he) was looking for something on the ground, facing the road. We then saw bare legs and Joe said, "He's poopin'"!!!! We just howled, we know they heard us! What we didn't get was why he didn't walk up the switchback and get out of sight of the road. We laughed for a long time!!!! People, I tell ya! Some of them I will never understand......:grin::rofl::eek3::eek:
Sorry ladies...this won't help you....but for the guys....just carry an empty big-mouth gatorade bottle....:rofl:

Boy, could I have used one last year when I went to New York City, and was driving around in mid town Manhattan....couldn't find a parking space....and had to go!!!!!!!
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Come on guys.....you're making your fellow Oregonians look bad! Trust me people, not everyone from Oregon pees in the road!!!


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~~~ You rite beachgirl, ~~~ them thar Oregonians they ~~~ PEE ON THE ROCK, ~~~ :bunny:
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you are right, .....not everybody from Oregon.... sometimes they are from AZ, CA, MI, TN even Peru!! although with the shuttle service I do stop at Gas stations or rest areas, specially mexican rest areas between Sonoyta and Penasco!!! :rofl:
you are right, .....not everybody from Oregon.... sometimes they are from AZ, CA, MI, TN even Peru!! although with the shuttle service I do stop at Gas stations or rest areas, specially mexican rest areas between Sonoyta and Penasco!!!
Yeah....them thar cans at them thar Mexican rest stops make great toilets....they sur don't get used for garbage!!!:rofl:


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~~~ They use to be brite green, ~~~ they are now kind of a dull brown, ~~~ you know the ones with that brown stuff overflowing from them, ~~~ :stir::stir::stir:
Do you mean the brite green cans? :coldone:
Yeah Ink....those and any other "garbage" cans in Penasco (or along the road down)!!! That park I used to keep my trailer at had 2 swimming pools that they rented out for parties.....had plenty of garbage cans all over the place....but when I walked my mutt after one of those "parties", I had to keep her on a very short leash to make sure she didn't cut up her paws stepping on all the broken beer bottles!!! Frequently, they were 2 feet from one of the garbage cans.:stir:


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I suppose that's one good part of driving the motorhome down each time, a private pee stop wherever I can pull over :)


urinating on a downed power line

updated 2:13 p.m. MT, Mon., March. 1, 2010
MONTESANO, Wash. - Authorities believe a Washington man was killed by accidentally urinating on a downed power line after a car crash.
Grays Harbor County sheriff's Deputy Dave Pimentel said Monday 50-year-old Roy Messenger was not seriously hurt after he collided with a power pole Friday and called a relative to pull his car from a ditch.
However, family members found Messenger electrocuted when they arrived.

Pimentel says Messenger apparently urinated into a roadside ditch but didn't see the live wire. The urine stream likely served as a conductor, allowing the electricity to reach his body.
Pimentel says there will be an autopsy but burn marks indicated the way the electricity traveled through Messenger's body.


This morning I picked up a group of 8, needless to say after Bloody Marys and beer be had to have an emergency stop in the road to the Mayan, I almost took some pictures, but I kept on thinking "hurry there is a car coming, could be a cop car!!" it was funny how golfers relate everything to golf!! we laugh quite a bit, I have to say I am looking forward to taking them back to GV on Thursday.
OH!! by the way the weather is just beautiful down here and the water just cold enough that a couple of strokes and it feels wonderful!! sunny, clear, and some how the tecate I am drinking taste like heaven!!