Reggie's 8/12


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Nasty, Nasty, Reggie

He was kinda nasty. Very nice person but I saw him pull his dingaling out of his pants and dance around one night at the Dugout, now you know how he put the hole in his doughnuts.

~ ~ ~ We heard that he peeled out to Tahiti, ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ He was on his friends pontoon boat one time, just off the ramp @ PDO,

~ ~ ~ All were drunk as hell,

~ ~ ~ Waiting for the tractor & trailer, & he whipped out his "kitty" there too,

~ ~ ~ :lol: :lol: :lol: ~ ~ ~


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Whenever we go into town we always stop by reggies for beer and burritos and any other things we forgot on the way. Love it. Great burritos. When I was down this weekend I saw that the Reggies on calle 13 was closed. Bummer. I use the one by las conchas anyways but still a bummer. Hopefully they can withstand the oxxo attack.


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You're talking to one of the biggest Reggie's fans ever. I still frequent it every time I'm in town. Reggie's is one of the reasons I always stay at Playa Inn -- it's within staggering distance!!

I've been known to bring back a dozen of those burritos with me and freeze them. I was sad to see them become a Super X. Tecate mafia!!
Stuart, I also was bummed about the 'Tacate takeover'. Not sure if you know however that if you stand at the entrance of Reggie's, looking out across that open dirt field, just 1 block over there is little liquor store with a big roll-up door attached to the building and they sell Pacifico/Corona products. Good old returnables too.

Still stumblin' distance from the Playa Inn!


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I do indeed know the place and use it for all my Pacifico needs. It's behind the liquor store I always used to like, which is now also a Super T.

I'll never forget one night in that liquor store (I think it was named Brava). I was picking up some beer for fishing the next day and this very oddly dressed transvestite sort came into the store and started chiding the owner in this gay sing-song voice. The owner yelled at him to get out of his store. The TV left, but came back in again and started his little song. The owner pulled out a baseball bat and went after him, chasing him out of the store and down the street, getting a few good whacks in on him with the bat. Then like nothing ever happened, the owner returned, I paid for my beer and left. The wife was waiting in the truck for me and said "What in the hell was all that about?" I just looked at her and said "I have no idea, honey, nor do I want to know!"

Terry C

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That is one place I stop to buy beer too. But they were out of everything by Sunday. Those huge roll up doors and a lady drives up in a small truck and has 5 cases of beer and about 7 six packs of beer. The byers were in line and helped her unlod the truck calling what they wanted on the way in. We left.


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There was a shortage of Pacifico last weekend, but I did find it at the Michigan Market....just to let you guys know. The store across the field from Reggie's is where we always go, but they only had Pacifico Light. Does anyone remember Pops, Reggie's "righthand man"?


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a friend of mine loves the bean and cheese burros at Reggie's. and don't forget that these tortillas are super-fresh, made hours earlier--that's half of the enjoyment right there!


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Reggie's closed over a week ago for "remodeling". It is curious why they would remodel just as we enter the busy season. I hope that they will be back but judging by the lack of items in the store over the past few months, the closing may be permanent. Does anyone know more? I miss the donuts.


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Bill Abeyta, the manager told me the plan was to sell only donuts, waffles and burritos. Yes It is closed and I will be surprised if it ever opens again. It's been a money losing operation for some time. The electric bill alone had to have been huge running all those coolers.


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I was there over Pres Day weekend. Stopped in to get a breakfast burrito. Has been a mainstay for me to buy one of my favorite Tequilas since Lupe (Mickeys) passed away. Didn't look like they were getting ready to close though.
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Terry C

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The lady that always does windows there said it is going to open back up April 21st. She is headquartered at the bank for now. :party:

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over the last couple of years, they seem to have less and less on the shelves - i was wondering how they were surviving on burritos and beer.


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Tks Terry, been going there since Reggie and his little sidekick open it, I can't seem to recall when they started selling burritos, I remember we started with the breakfast one's and gradually moved on the asada, much better than the ladies that deliver to your front door in the mornings. Back in the day when you could cross all the food from the states was nice, but you always forgot or ran out of something. Beer by the box was always a plus. My brother knew Reggie from Douglas Az when he worked at the POE, So they would go on and on. I didn't know they actually had the dunkin donuts machine out of new mexico, not much of a donuts guy, pan dulce is a different story.