Republicans Push for Military attack in Mexico Spells Our Doom


The facts are not complex.

A well-known and respected long time midstream Christian Ministry in Western Canada signed a contract early in 2023 to rent the Quebec City Convention Center, about 3000 miles east, to hold a week long program starting late June/23. They expected up to 1000 people per day, so numerous sub-contractors were engaged to make it happen. It was a big undertaking.

Among other things such as the sanctity of marriage, 2 parent households, etc, they are pro-life. They oppose abortion.

The Quebec govt heard about it, and CANCELLED the event, saying pro-life speech was contrary to the teachings of the Quebec govt.

But, you ask, how could a govt cancel a contract?

Simple in Canada: many important buildings and institutions are owned by Crown Corporations. The "Crown" is a tribute to the King of England.

These are corporations set up by a Provincial or the Federal govt to own and control assets the same as a private corporation would do. The difference is the Govt is the sole shareholder, and all officers are appointed by the govt. They are an arm of the govt.

Don't condemn what you hear coming out or Russia, China and Mexico. You don't need to look that far.
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