San Carlos fishing charter


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Looking for a good man with a boat that can take us out for a day or two in San Carlos mid-September. There are two of us. We normally fish Puerto Lobos and would like to get some species we seldom or never get there. We're especially interested in Dorado. Don't want billfish. There's a ton of people offering fishing charters on the web, but I have no way of knowing which ones are right for us.


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I have only been to SC once but I do follow the fishing scene there as I hope to have a retirement home there one of these days.
The two that I would consider myself are:

Fernando at Catch 22
Brian with Margarita Sportfishing.


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Fernando Catch 22 is your man. I haven't been to SC in awhile, so hard to know how the dodo fishing is. They often get overwhelmed with illegal long lines during the summer and can make it tough to catch dorado.

Brian is good, too.