The Elephant in the Room...THE WALL


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Wall or fence. Same thing. The point is a barrier/obstacle to keep people, drugs and terrorists on their own side. The idea is thousands of years old.
Was sort of thinking this thread could focus on technical details such as Tohono land and the incredible problem the border terrain presents....also whether the Ryan position or the Breitbart view win over Trump on the deportations...The attitude of the Mexican people toward out presence will be influenced on who wins that argument....On the real estate front a hardball line might actually fill the border town and RP with people forced south...with and mostly without money...not sure what will happen!!!


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The "wall" is only a distraction. The real invasion is one day away from success.
The US has just been handed to the Russians.
Our only hope is that the Repuklican party realizes it sooner than later and impeaches him.
Then the next civil war will be started by the white fringe that have been waiting for the sign it's time to start shooting other Americans and the South will rise again.
Canada is to cold, Mexico is a mess and we are trapped here with this crap.
There is no escape. We are doomed.

When I read it back it sounds like an entry into a diary or something lol.