The Rocky Point forum is back!


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I was so happy to see RockyPointTalk back online this morning! I've been checking it daily all week with fading hope and greater appreciation for how much I enjoy this forum and how valuable (most of) the posts and updates are. I can't wait to see some fresh Rocky Point updates.

randy and patty

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Thanks Tyler, Super glad got the forum back up. I feel like the info is more accurate than Facebook and really enjoy the posts from many of the members.


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I also posted on RPT on facebook, it never made it past the Admins to post, 2x I posted. Glad it's back up.

Jungle Jim

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Somehow I've been permanently "banned" from all facebook threads since early last spring when I made a funny comment about Federico's Fishing Charters on one of the RP groups.

They had some photo shoots of clients with "big game". They were just juvenile Bat Rays maybe a foot across with their stingers cut off and the big belly bald-headed boys holding them up as if they were record sized billfish.

I do still get dozens of facebook threads daily, mostly big butt South American chicks and a few South East Asians, all obviously whores. But when I click on their entries I'm always blocked.



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I can get into the other FB RP groups I subscribe to and can post, but the RPT one I tried to post less than 5 times
and never saw them get public. I tend to not flame anyone like I do here, but I guess it's still no bueno.

Depending on which FB site you made the remark about most are semi easy to stay un-banned from.
But there is one that is very protective of their friends, I don't remember which one.

Glad I don't get all the threads you get. Any that I don't want any part of, I hide and say their content is irrelevant
and FB hides them.
It sounds like you need another e-mail to use if you want to post on FB