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As a general rule, a power of attorney cannot transfer money, personal property, real estate or any other assets from the grantee to himself. Roberto Trahin executed a power of attorney in favor of the Mayor Jorge Pivac, which Pivac illicitly used to transfer to himself the Hatches’ property in satisfaction of the alleged “loan.” This i don't see happening even in Mexico.. its illegal and they are smarter than that...big cluster
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In October about 10 years ago my son and I, by way of a local Mxcn attorney, learned of a vacant lot for sale on Pino Suarez Street in Puerto Penasco....great location and reasonable price at 38,000. Not a steal...just a fair price at the time. The attorney set up a meeting for closing at our Notary's office, and brought in the seller. They presented everything the Notary needed, including an Arizona drivers license, as part of their identification. Final documents were signed and funds paid: we were now the owners.!

We paid the annual property taxes the next January. Later that month a young man from Tucson ( Tuscon?) presented at the Notary's office, asking why we had paid his property taxes. Investigation proved he had been defrauded with stolen identity.

He was in the middle of a personal bankruptcy so we contacted his trustee. The trustee wanted the property back but had no resources to pursue the matter against the fraudsters. We were innocent purchasers for value, so under Az law should not be liable for his financial loss. They filed a lien on the title, so to be able sell we needed to pay a bunch of Pesos to get into a Mxcn court to discharge the lien.

I admit at the closing meeting the Notary showed me copies of their identification, and I missed seeing the spelling on the drivers license said Tuscon!

Long story short: the Notary sucked it up and bought it from us at our cost a couple years later.

I heard later he sold at a profit, but he deserved it.


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The year was 1996. After dozens of visits of 2 to 10 days duration, our family decided it was time to buy. USD $15,500 later we were the proud owner of a long vacant home on a big lot in Mirador that needed more than a little work. In its previous life it had been a commercial center for union fishermen, where they would present their "catch" slips to get payment.

The most reputable Mexican/American realtor in Penasco, Patty, brokered the sale on behalf of the union which appointed a 40'ish fisherman to sign off at closing, and take the purchase funds for distribution to the 25 or so members. The paperwork was done by Notary Ortega in the Old Port. As normal in those days on small dollar purchases the means of payment was paper greenbacks. I have no recollection how we gathered up that amount!

The first 6 weeks were great, making the place livable.

Then, we had visitors.

One bright and shiny Sunday morning our front patio and side yards were filled with at least a dozen grisly looking hombres, some carrying signs protesting something. Time for a panic call to Patty!

She roared over, and reported they were demanding we pay the $15,500 again to them, allegedly because their representative had not shared the money.

After a couple weeks of daily protests, investigation established he had fled with all the money and police wanted to talk to him. Patty was finally able to convince them we had paid once, and would not be paying again.

They initiated legal proceeding against the bandito, evidenced by documents posted at the court house showing our names in the recital of grounds for the action.

Never a dull day in Mexico!


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Holy Shit is there a bounty for Roberto? Bet there are others since he was trying to sell some beachfront land over by black mountain about this time, probably how he tripped all these people up.

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Didn't Rubber Toe get the Woo-Floo and perish two years ago? As in the name change from Twin Dolphins to whatever it is now? He still owes me a book that I loaned him three or four years ago.


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Didn't Rubber Toe get the Woo-Floo and perish two years ago? As in the name change from Twin Dolphins to whatever it is now? He still owes me a book that I loaned him three or four years ago.
Different Roberto …miss our buddy


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About a month ago the City of Puerto Penasco sent out 3 gentleman with a measuring tape. Supposedly these 3 men were surveyors. They divided a fenced Barb wired lot in section 6. Cemented wood poles with green stripes on the top. Next day owner appeared with 2 lawyers I spoke with one lawyer all he said was it was illegal what they have done. Next day poles were removed. Last I heard was the surveyors were beaten up over what they were doing. It is the Mayor illegally trying to claim owned property. Land records are held in Hermosillo. There is also a new development on the north side of Las Conchas Blvd claiming to be part of the gated community which it isn’t. These politicians would sell their own family out to make a dollar. Always is BUYER BEWARE.

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It's been 15 years since I (and dozens of other investors) got screwed out of our down payments on a barely started, and long-since defunct condo development in Mirador called La Perla Del Mar, and it's sad that the same stories just keep happening and happening, year after year.

Amazingly, the Arizona Attorney General's Office took our case and was able to recover 2/3 of mine and many others' losses. To them, I am forever grateful. And to Mexico, I will continue to do the same and only thing I can do in response, for the rest of my life - never spend another dime in your country.

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Hot damn Ron................

You just said it like it is!

You can't even get a car wash, a tank of gas or a flat tire fixed down there without getting SCREWED.

Well it's always an adventure and something worth a reminisce for the rest of I told you so life.


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A newbee compared to many ( first visit 1970) , home owner since 2006 and it is a bit of a shit show down here but would I do it again?
Yeah ,but more because the suck factor in every other vacation spot I like has gotten worse squared!
Hawaii , San Diego ,Tulum , Panama, Belize , Nazi filled Norther Idaho , RV packed coast of Oregon ….all are iffy these days