Travel Advisory??


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Ok I've been hearing about travel advisories to Mexico but the cities they mention doesn't include the Rocky point area.I have a up coming trip planned should I be concerned? I know not to drive at night or go outside of the tourists hangout areas.I've been there several times and I've never had an issue and I know there's always an advisory somewhere there. So please give me your opinion should I cancel my trip or not worry to much about it.

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Lived here for three years. Things are better now than they have ever been. The local police have a new chief and he seems to be directing them to stop harassing the tourists. Crime is pretty low in the tourist areas and the weather is great! Come on down. Just use the normal precautions you would use at home or anywhere you might travel to.


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I am old! I was 50 when I bought my first place down there. I go in the day. I never come back on Sun or Monday. I have only one drink if I am going to be driving. My cell phone works both here and in Mexico.(verzion). I never carry large amounts of cash. Those are the same rules in use in PHX, Las Vegas and Green Valley.