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    I pay $50 per month for dry dock at Whale Hill. Covered storage was running $100 per month but I think it has gone up. I want to say it is like $30 per day at Safe Marine on the dock but it has been a while.
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    Dorado Fishing in October

    My recommendation would be to book a vacation and charter out of San Carlos. There are a few Dorado that make it up North during that time but they are very far and few between.
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    Essential Paperwork for Taking Boat Into Mexico

    Yes, here are some links 1 - Importación Temporal de Vehículos ( - I am not sure how picky the Sonoita border is about the TIP. I got one for my boat when I took it to San Carlos where it is mandatory. I showed it to the Sonoita border folks and they had a deer in the...
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    Stupid idea or useful....leaning toward stupid....peeing at night looks problematic

    As someone who tent camps during hunting season when it is cold, having a bottle in your tent to pee in works amazingly.
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    I would put number 9 as number 2 on your to do list. Maybe even number 1. Dealing with an anchor sucks. Like really sucks. I use the anchor ball method and even that, well you know... If I was to add anything to my boat it would be a windlass. I have gotten to the point where I just drift over...
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Congrats on the new boat and one of the two happiest days of your life! That boat reminds me of my first boat which was a 21 foot Hydrasport with a 150 Evinrude. Those skiff style boats will give you a wet ride in a chop. Just bring your mask and snorkel and you will be all good. Does it have...
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    They raise the price of some items in Puerto Peñasco

    The price of gas has made my fishing trips far and few in between. When your outboard get 1.5 MPG, fishing offshore gets pricey.
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    Harbor boat launch area getting improvements

    It just took off an inch and half of my skeg last week while I was motoring into the harbor.
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    Harbor boat launch area getting improvements

    That would be nice. I had a love hate relationship launching there years ago. It was a bit of a three ring circus at times which made it fun but as I got older I started to be a drag. I hope these improvements include blasting the fricking boulder that is hidden at high tide.
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    Big boat sank

    With the lack of fuel subsidies at this time for the fisherman, they may want to just keep the cranes at the port.
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    LONG Day!

    Windy day today?
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Are they ever going to splash the boat in your last picture Stu? They have been building that boat for about 10 years now.
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    Playa de Oro Suites

    The difference appears to be no beach view from these suites. Drinking a beer from the patio appears to be a view of the RV lot. Not the most appealing to me but I am not everyone. I hope they do well as it does look nice.
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    Fishing withdrawal

    A quick question for the inshore fisherman. I am heading down this weekend and would love to wet a line. Can I launch my float tube around the Cholla or competition hill area without getting arrested? My wife would rather not have to bail me out of jail even though I am game. I need to fish.
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    Who was here in the beginning?

    I recall the original forum. You could post under any name if you wanted. I did several under Sheriff Joe.. The second forum was great. There were a lot of great contributors as I primarily followed it for the fishing. I do miss the reports and posts from Ric, Audi and the general forum posts...