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    Trivia Question

    Thanks, Roberto. I'm not a Facebook person but will search RPT.
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    Trivia Question

    A neighbor out in Playa Dorada is planning a beach wedding next month. Does anyone know of an English speaking priest or minister willing to do the honors?
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    Border Delays?

    That sounds even more risky. After all, the electronic sign as you approach the southbound border gives clear instructions: “Declare $10,000” (just fun'n)
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    The trust must be apprised (via legal documentation by notario) of any changes in the LLC ownership / members.
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    Border Delays?

    Well yeah . . . stop. But then don’t, like, get out and lay face down on the pavement spread-eagle style and wait. Just go . . . .
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    While “feeling of safety” enters into the decision factor in travelling to Penasco, there are also some of us who – like me – have traveled there once a month for over 20 years . . .and others who live there permanently. If there were a safety concern, they (we) wouldn’t be doing that. That...
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    Yeah -- like I said, there are actually 2 more cruises already booked. (Okay, so I had no idea what I was talking about . . . ) Anyway, good to know there were more takers . . .
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    There were originally a number of cruises scheduled for fall / winter, but lack of response brought it down to this one. There really hadn’t been much of an advertising campaign, which could be the problem rather than lack of interest. In any case, at this point any repeat performance seems...
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    Thanks loads. I’ve been telling everyone who asks to be very afraid to travel to Penasco. Now that you’ve blown that line . . . . there goes the quiet beach and my favorite table at the restaurant.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    Well for starters, media generally forgot to mention that those “recent graves” were actually dug many years ago. They were merely discovered recently. The shooting story was also poorly represented. Not to diminish tragic events, but (since you asked for opinions), in a nutshell: The...
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    Join our facebook group!

    I know I’ve always been nervous about travelling to Penasco over the last 20 years – on that north-of-the-border segment of the trip, that is, which is always dicey.
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    Xmas Playa Miramar?

    Totally agree. In fact -- except for the 25-mph-in-Sonoyta rule -- your advice would apply to anywhere in The States as well.
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    Laguna Shores

    Thing is, one person's “isolation problem” is another person's benefit. Depends on how you choose to spend your time. A 20 minute ride into town for dinner once a week is to some, merely a side trip during their beach getaway . . .
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    Is "Expat" a negative term??

    “Expatriate” is a term similar to, say, “propaganda.” They both can be used with a positive or negative connotation, depending upon context. An expatriate can be merely someone residing in a foreign land, or alternatively, one who denounced or is in exile from their home land. Propaganda can...
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    72 Hours and Mexican Tourist Card?

    But even in those days, after dutifully getting the visa, the requirement to produce it during that stay was unheard of . . .