Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???


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We will have to wait for the full story, but it appears to be an action by the Esmeralda HOA members who have been unhappy with Brylcreem Boy as their president. They are just ousting him I think.


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My husband at one point wanted to buy there but we had already lost money on the Villages. At least Bella is finished.

Horace Greely

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So, really fun stuff has happened to Esmeralda. Daniel has been removed from the ownership and some of the people who were owed money have seized it from him. At least that is “kinda” the story we have gathered.
Meanwhile , in Phoenix, Daniel and IPX have gotten a rude comeuppance from the AZCC. Not yet finalized. You can look it up on the Corporation website. Daniel really knows how to keep real estate interesting. Never dull.
Has anyone heard any other chatter in the bars?

Terry C

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  • Esmeralda
  • xxxxxxxx New Developer is Nick Najera, and he is doing great things here. We are alive and well, stop in and see the high quality units available.
  • xxxxxxxxxxxx No more Butterfield? I thought Nick and Daniel were partners.
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  • xxxxx Daniel has been removed from the project and no longer part of this development. In my opinion Nick wasn't happy with his antics and lack of integrity per a few discussions.


Kickin' ass, not taking names
he is doing great things here. We are alive and well, stop in and see the high quality units available.
It sounds like you own a condo at Esmeralda. ?? There is a big back story here ...... all about why/how Butterfield is no longer a partner, and how is is waging a legal battle against Najero et al who now have control.


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And so an end to this thread. Sad, but verified.

Newspaper Front
4 hrs
Overturning leaves a deceased American man in Puerto Peñasco
* The events occurred early today on the Costa Diamante boulevard, access to highway tera to the Gulf of Santa Clara
A man identified as Daniel Christopher Butterfield, 46, died after he dumped his vehicle on the Costa Diamante boulevard (at the height of the wind fan), recorded on the morning of Friday, January 10.
It was around 1:42 a.m. when the mishap was reported, with Red Cross element coming from this port.
Upon arrival, the paramedics found the man, apparently the only passenger on board, 8 meters from the vehicle, a unit that was also 10 meters away from the asphalt belt.
Still alive, the injured man was transferred to a private clinic in the city, where he eventually died after not supporting the injuries caused by the accident.

Live fast, die hard. I imagine the toxicology report would be interesting and pretty obvious he wasn't wearing a seat belt to be thrown from the vehicle in such fashion. RIP Daniel Butterfield.