Fishing the tide?


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Coming down for a few weeks shortly and was going to plan a local fishing trip with a small group.

I just was wondering what you all think about fishing and the tides.
Considering 10 mile reef or further out from Puerto Penasco.

When do you think the best fishing time is?

Extreme High tide
Extreme Low tide
Regular High tide
Regular Low tide

Or Ebb Tides
Going from High to Low
Going Low to High tide



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"slack" tide. the time between the tide change. this is generally longer when there is a "lower" high tide and a "higher" low tide. it is also associated with a half moon. avoid full and new moons as they generate higher high tides and lower low tides


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So does these two days at the end of the month look reasonable?
Thanks for the help and the better understanding of when fishing may be better.


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Both those days look good. If beach fishing, I'd always arrive at low tide, check out mud reefs, cuts, and structure, then fish as the tide started coming in.

Out on the reefs, would always try to arrive as tide was going high and fish the slack until it started going back out.

As said above, quarter moon is best fishing with least amount of tidal movement. New or full moon and the current can really get ripping.


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Thanks all,
Appreciate the information.
May consider shore fishing with some light tackle that's a lot of fun.
Catch and release as they are all small stuff.


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Well guess I'll get out the pole and grease up the reel. I'm an expert cause Kenny taught me everything I know !! Nice to see some chatter here and more good useful information.


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So I guess I have to head over to Carbela's for some shiny lures for plunking off the shores at low tide.
Light tackle stuff.
Any suggestions?
Kastmasters and crocodile spoons are my choice for shore fishing. No bigger than 1 oz or you'll get too many snags and catch less fish just because of the size. I've used a sabiki rig with a 1 oz crocodile spoon on the end and had a lot of success. One time I caught 3 fish on the same cast. Mostly leatherjackets.
I have started casting my own jigs so it doesn't sting as much when a sierra slices my line and I lose a $6 jig. I'll see how they work next week when I'm down.


Has anybody been fishing from shore lately?? Last time I tried there were more bait fish than I had ever seen which resulted in catching zero fish. Just wondering if things have picked up.


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We will be down there on the 18th for two weeks.
Hopefully the wind and the cool weathers will calm down by then.
Well, the shore fishing was a bust this past week. I didn't try bait or bottom fishing, but chucking spoons didn't produce much. Not too uncommon for this time of year. The wind and cold sure didn't help much. We did launch the boat from the shore on Thursday and Friday. Cold, windy and slow fishing. The weather should be a lot better this week and next.