Grouper tournament


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I was waiting to see how many of you guys are going to enter the tournament in Rocky Point, It sure sound and is alot of fun, you never know what will happen but the competition is great, hope to hear from a few of you guys, I will enter it again, I hd a blast last year, even though a shark bit me off, hope some of you will enter, if nothing more than getting a:) bunch of fishermen together


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Hey Art,

I should be down Sat., but don't know if I'll fish the tourney. Have a group of some friends I planned on taking out. Still, will be fun to see what everybody drags in. PM me - where you thinking of heading on Sat.? The reefs out of Cholla will likely take a pounding, so I was going to avoid those. Maybe head south or out to the 51.


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Buoy Weather isn't looking real great for Sunday and a little iffy on Sat. for a tourney. If it looks better in the morning I may head down.


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So, did anyone go fishing this weekend?

We spent Mother's day at home. Might go fishing next week- watching bouyweather like a hawk.
Stuart... that 89 pound grouper from Saturday won it all... it was caught by Rudy Guzman... Rudy also caught a 48 pound pinta on Sunday to win that catagory as well... and if you ask him where he hooked them, he'll tell ya... "right in the mouth"


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Thanks, Mark! He was definitely in the money then!

As I mentioned Saturday night, we had a good day. I had some greenhorns on the boat who had never fished in the ocean before, so no tourney for me. We made bait in the morning close in, then went to the 16 and were able to make a good amount of candy mackerel and sardines using sabikis. The guys had a lot of fun using the sabikis to make bait; totally new concept to them.

Headed to the 43 and the wind was out of the SE, lots of whitecaps and fairly choppy. We anchored up on the 43, but it was like a ghost town, we didn't catch a thing and weren't even getting any nibbles. I pulled anchor and headed to the 51. By the time we got to the 51, the water was starting to lay down real nice. We did several drifts and boated a mix of white seabass and very large red snappers on the live mackerel. The bite slowed down a bit, so I headed over to the 53.

By now, the water had turned to glass. I talked to Audi on the radio; he was at the Caballo and said it was strong wind, whitecaps and nearly 4 ft. waves over there. Same ocean, two completely different weather conditions. The Sea of Cortez is odd that way -- 35 miles between us made such a difference. We did well at the 53 - lots of large gold spot bass, a whitefish, and some kind of sculpin looking bright orange fish, I don't know the name.

We didn't see a single dolphin or whale all day. We did, however, have a cool hammerhead shark come around the boat and we had yellowtail also circle the boat, but they wouldn't take any fresh-cut chum or a lure. Very frustrating to see yummy yellowtail right there and they just aren't interested.

All in all, another great adventure on the beautiful Sea of Cortez!!!


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Had a hard time finding grouper this weekend, Sat went for 0..Sunday tried different reef was rewarded with a 86.9 lb gulf, came close but no cigar, had a great time, everyone was real friendly, and the beer was cold




The Sea of Cortez is strange that way. I got an "A" when I took Physical Geography, and I've been unable to figure it out. It must have something to do with the surrounding land forms. I've gone out on calm days and had to storm surf or buck the waves to get back in. It's kind of dangerous for smaller boats sometimes. Whenever I'd see whitecaps I'd start thinking about running for cover since the largest boat I ever had down there was only 19' long. I had one that was a modified tri-hull I didn't like in rough weather at all. Stable and fast but not a blue water boat.


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We plan on heading down this weekend, hopefully Sat., more likely
Sunday, no hurries... But, we'll be down there for a week, hope to get at least a couple of nice days. And if its too rough, we'll do some near shore fishing. Anyone else going down midweek?
BTW, any problems issues returning with just a DL, Birth Cert. and copy of doc showing one has applied for passport?