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This forum is far superior to Facebook to find and share information. Information from here does not appear on Facebook. For me Facebook is a jumble of messages, many of which are mindless chatter. It was designed for adolescents to play with each other not share information. additionally it's infested with bots and false information. Here you can post a question and get a direct answer almost always from a person experienced with visiting and or living in Penasco for many years. If someone posts crap they will get called on it. You will not see one big purple squares with one word in the middle. Messages and responses follow in a linear manner not like flyspecks on the wall. additionally there are some large number of Facebook pages for Penasco. More flyspecks.... Yes get all your friends to share information and questions on Rocky Point talk Forum and socialize with bar talk on Facbook.
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Thankyou for the welcome Roberto, I've been in the back ground for awhile watching wondering if I would be attacked for being a newbe as others have been, but I've seen that it's not as bad as it once was.


Aye carumba!!!
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So what's to keep them from signing up under a new name and troll away?
Their IP address. Easy enough to see what names are connected to a given IP address. Ban the IP address, they can't connect to the forum. While there are some ways around that (going out to public wifi and creating a new name) you still won't be able to connect from your home computer or wifi. And who really wants to sit in McDonald's or Starbucks all day just to troll?