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I'm sad to bring you the news that our friend Roberto passed a few weeks ago. I don't know the particulars, but his son was with him when he died and he went quickly.
No, I don't know if the virus was involved, but I do know that he took it seriously and was taking all the recommended precautions to protect others and himself.


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Very sad to hear that Roberto has passed away. I always enjoyed his informative if sometimes combative contributions to the forum. I will miss hearing from him. Vaya con Dios amigo.


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So sorry to hear this. My husband and I would often talk with him at Bryan's on Fridays, and sometimes and share a meal with interesting conversations about New Mexico.
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I am sadden to hear this, I was chatting with Dee this afternoon and she gave me the bad news about Bob, since he was not at the office, I sure will miss having a few wines or beers with him, Descansa en paz mi amigo, serás muy extrañado por muchos!!!

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Damn, I haven't been on the forum for a couple of weeks and see this tonight. I can't believe it. Roberto was a wealth of information and you could always count on him providing some details for real time information on the ground in Rocky Point. I met him the first time with Kenny on our way down to Santo Tomas we stopped by the Twin Dolphins realty office. Second time, about 2015 I needed a last minute house or place to rent and hit up trusty Roberto. He got me into a house over by Al Capones in the Mirador neighborhood. Good deal and no BS as usual from Bob. Really sad to read this news tonight. He was a regular on this forum and had a lot of good insight. Rest IN PEACE Roberto!!!