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    Oct 19 Debate

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    Oct 19 Debate

    Is there a place in town to watch tomorrow night's debate in English?
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    For Sale

    Do you still have the fridge? Picture? Price?
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    Rentals in Mirador

    Yes, I deleted my posts, what's the point? Not worth the hassle.
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    Fantastic Evening!

    Melissa, I am so jealous! I really miss being there.....sounds of the surf that allow me to drift soundly off to sleep, morning coffee listening to the sea gulls, the breezes and smell of the air. Puerto Peñasco is in my blood; I do hope we can be there again soon !
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    Weekend Evenings

    We just returned from RP....The evenings were just beautiful......Light, cool breezes; so enjoyable sitting outside watching the world go by. We've been there a lot the last couple of months; no complaints about the weather. No AC and we've been CHILLY every evening. Weather-wise, can't ask...
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    Adobe Ovens built to order

    It may be a type of clay, but the caliche we've come up with at Lopez is not good for adobes. It's loaded with sand and shells. We've talked with the guys at Aleman's, even they say the dirt is not good for adobes so they have it delivered from somewhere else to make the adobes they sell. They...
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    Adobe Ovens built to order

    Thanks Roberto, but making the adobe bricks is not the problem...... Finding the Clay is the problem. You say there are several layers of clay in Lopez, but all we've found is SAND !!! You know, you could come out and dig some up for us if you like...LOL. We have dug down and found caliche...
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    Recycling for plastic pop and water bottles?

    I'm pretty sure I saw a place on the North end of town, on the main road coming in. I do know that one of the families in our community collects the glass, plastic and cans for recycling. Maybe one of the "locals" will have better info/directions.
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    Adobe Ovens built to order

    Hi Jerry, we're looking for Adobe Blocks or the raw materials to make adobes ourselves. Can you help us out? You can pm me if you like. Thx !
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    Warm Days, Cool Nights

    We were down for Memorial Weekend and again this last weekend. We were AMAZED that both times, the nights were actually COLD without a blanket and breezy :-P The days were warm, wind not too bad on Fri & Sat. The wind REALLY picked up on Sunday. On another note, we had a 1 hour wait at the...
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    You are right Rosy, I had NO IDEA there was another children's home in PP. Can you provide additional info please?
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    Super Moon - Saturday night 22 June 2013

    It was beautiful...didn't see the "rainbow" but it was HUGE!! The water was WICKED!! We played in the surf on Sat for a bit, but it was way to rough for us. BUT, the LOUD, rolling surf is PERFECT for sleeping.....aaahhhh!
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    Sonoyta/Penasco Military chec kpoint gone or moved

    You are so right! I was just going to post this...LOL. They were there on Friday @ noon, then Saturday morning, they were working around the area, but NOT standing in street. When we left on Sunday, they were packed up and GONE! Even the food truck was gone...LOL
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    Long line To Cross Back

    WOW.... we NORMALLY don't go down on holiday weekends, but decided we REALLY needed a break. Going down, we hit the border Thursday afternoon around 4:30.... only a few cars ahead of us. On the way back Monday Morning, we hit the border at 8:10 am. It took us 1 hour to get through. Guess we...